e-book Adagio in C Major (For the Glass Harmonica or Musical Glasses)

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The idea of performing Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition on a few dozen wineglasses may seem preposterous, but the GlassDuo's arrangements apparently their own are virtuoso accomplishments that bring out many of the interior lines of the music. The glasses in the middle of the range have an uncannily viola-like timbre, resulting in varied mass textures that, in "The Great Gate of Kiev" track 7 , sound positively orchestral.

The very highest glasses have a harsh, whistle-like sound, but even this is used musically.

The pieces derived from keyboard music, less complex in texture, are used as a display of speed. All the music was adapted from orchestral or piano works; none was originally written for glass harmonica. In the running for strangest novelty item of the year, A Drop in the Glass is nevertheless an impressive display of musicality.

Adagio for Glass Harmonica, K 356, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

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Please publish modules in offcanvas position. From the listener's point of view, it represents a continuous acoustical illusion: Everything you hear has already long since begun resonating by the time you hear it. Similarly, the overall form of the piece follows this pattern of rising to a decisive climax and then receding. The aim is to create a sound world that is as light as possible, that seems to be weightless.

Adagio and Rondo for glass harmonica, flute, oboe, viola and cello

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The Amazing Glass Harmonica

Back Visit. Back Video. Armonicas were said to drive performers mad and evoke spirits of the dead because of its eerie and haunting sound. It had a rebirth in through the efforts of the late master glass blower named Gerhard Finkenbeiner, of Waltham, Massachusetts. Segment from the History Channel on the Glass Armonica Glass harp A glass harp also called musical glasses, singing glasses, angelic organ, verrilion or ghost fiddle is a musical instrument made of upright wine glasses.

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  • Adagio for glass harmonica in C major, K. 356 (K. 617a).

It is played by running moistened or chalked fingers around the rim of the glasses. Each glass is tuned to a different pitch, either by grinding each goblet to the specified pitch, in which case the tuning is permanent, or by filling the glass with water until the desired pitch is achieved. Share this info: Facebook Twitter Instagram Email. Like this: Like Loading