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And then, to make the night even worse, Elizabeth had accidentally agreed to dance the first two with Mr. What an embarrassment! She blushed just remembering it. Collins did not even know how to dance correctly. He stepped on her feet, turned in the wrong directions and used her exceedingly ill. She could not wait to get away from him, but he continued to embarrass her, along with her entire family, except Jane, throughout the night. If she had to listen to Miss. Bingley utter one more time how much she wished to go to bed, Elizabeth did not know what she would do.

And no, she would not sit on Mr. She did not know how Mr. Collins ever came to be a parson. He was so entranced with the female figure. She pitied whoever had to marry him, for no one could stand his fawning behavior for long. She vowed to marry for love; nothing less than love, to a man that was intelligent, playful, and one that she respected. Darcy did not feel that he had to stand with the Bingleys and wait for their last guests to leave, but for some reason he could not keep himself from the occupation. So, he stood quietly listening to the comments of Miss Bingley and Mrs.

Hurst, the quiet talk of Mr. He had not thought his friend in danger until Mrs. Bennet had stated during the ball that she expected Mr. Bingley to offer for Miss Bennet soon. He then paid attention to his friend and Miss Bennet throughout the rest of the evening. He would much rather have kept an eye on those two, but the rest of the Bennet family, except Elizabeth, seemed determined to make spectacles of themselves. His attention was drawn to their lack of decorum over and over. It was obvious that the Bennet family was an embarrassment.

It was a miracle that Mr. Bingley chose to dance and talk to Miss Bennet, given the poor behavior exhibited by Mrs. There was no way he would let Mr. Bingley make such a monumental mistake and offer for Miss Bennet. Sure, Miss Bennet was nice and pleasing to look at, but her family was horrid. The younger girls, Lydia and Kitty, ran around and played as if a ball was a big lark for them. Mary Bennet could not understand that this was not her own theater to showcase her lackadaisical pianoforte talents. And that singing voice!

Darcy shuddered. He could not think of anything bad about Elizabeth, though. Her eyes, her pleasing form, her luscious lips. He had enjoyed holding her hand while dancing with her. Unfortunately George Wickham had told her a fictional version of events that Elizabeth believed. She had spent their dance questioning him.

Of course she did not outright accuse him, but her questions were obviously about Wickham. Instead of being angry at Elizabeth, he was attracted even more to her quick mind. However, he was very angry at Wickham. It was far too dangerous to pay any more attention to Elizabeth Bennet. He greatly admired her wit, intelligence, and pleasing figure, but it was too dangerous for him to continue to think of her, let alone be around her.

He could not marry someone with such a family as hers. He would have to exert control on himself; the same control that he had put forth in every other aspect of his life. He would ignore the Bennets, especially Elizabeth Bennet, from this day forward. Oh, that insufferable man! To think that he could have made his proposal in any manner that she would have accepted. For him to think that she would have accepted after he told her how inferior her connections were! Elizabeth could not stand still and contain her anger at Mr. How did he ever think anyone would be flattered by that?

Especially after finding out from Col. Fitzwilliam that it was Mr. Bingley left Netherfield suddenly and without proposing to Jane! Elizabeth was so angry she knew she would not be able to calm down unless she got out of the house and walked. She put on her Spencer and walking shoes, and took off for her favorite walk in Rosings Park. The number of times that she had run into Mr.

Bella Breen | Author of Pride and Prejudice Variations

Darcy while he had been walking the very same grounds had been too many. Elizabeth now realized that had probably been his version of courting. She walked fast without seeing where she was going as she kept thinking back on what had just occurred with Mr. The man who would always seem to dislike her, who did not want anything to do with her, who had even told Mr. Bingley that she was not handsome enough to tempt him. Why would he propose marriage?

It was preposterous! And for him to be upset that she denied him? She could not wait to write Jane about this. Actually this was something that would probably have to be told in person, as it would take too much paper and ink to tell properly. How unexpected was that proposal! And yet she could not tell Jane why she was so angry with Mr. How could she ever marry someone who had thwarted the love growing between Jane and Mr. Did he tell you where he was going for his business errand?

And what business does he have in Hunsford? Fitzwilliam fussed with this jacket. He was not going to tell his aunt the reason Mr. His cousin had been quite concerned when they found out from Mr. Collins that Elizabeth Bennet stayed home. If Lady Catherine heard where Mr. Darcy had gone it would not be from him.

He comes to Rosings but once a year. I will not have him spend his time away. Go and find him, Richard.

Bella Breen | Author of Pride and Prejudice Variations

Tell him I want to speak with him. Fitzwilliam bowed to the room and left. He was glad to leave, as he had been tired of listening to Mr. Collins talk about himself or admire anything his aunt said.

How he could stand that level of flattery and obsequiousness was beyond him. Fitzwilliam would walk the path to the Collins Parsonage and expected to find Mr. Darcy on the grounds of Rosings Park. Yes, do go and bring it here. I should very much like to see it. Collins popped up from the sofa, bowed, and backed away until he could leave the room without turning his back on his patroness. The only person in England who should be treated as such was the King of England.

Collins was grateful that her friend Elizabeth was not present with the mood Lady Catherine was in. Darcy walked one of his favorite routes on the grounds of Rosings Park. He could not go back inside the house immediately as he was much too upset. Would he never get rid of that lying millstone around his neck? He would have to write Elizabeth a letter. It was not possible to speak to her with any measure of civility after he proposed to her.

And he had thought the offer of his hand would be greeted with favor!

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To not only be turned down, but in such a manner as to insult him! No, he had not expected that. Darcy continued to walk through the grounds of Rosings Park without seeing where he was going, reliving that horrible moment in the Collins Parsonage over and over. Collins reached the parsonage in record time. He was sure Lady Catherine de Bourgh would admire his brilliant turn of phrase. He gathered both and left to walk back to Rosings Park. He had not spared one thought to his cousin Elizabeth, who should have been in the house suffering from a headache.

He was thinking so much of how Lady Catherine would admire his sermon that he failed to notice the village women walking on a path towards him. There you are. We had hoped to find you today. Collins stopped. I am on my way back to Rosings Park as Lady Catherine de Bourgh had sent me on an errand to fetch a new book of spiritual readings. I must hurry back to her, you see. I do not have time to tarry. The village woman would not be so easily put off as that.

Though they did not have the wealth of Lady Catherine de Bourgh nor the elevated status of being the daughters of an earl, they were both married to wealthy landowners, one of whom had a daughter getting married soon. They understood Mr. Collins needed to get back to his patroness, especially if she was waiting for him. They were therefore willing to accompany him on his walk through the grounds to Rosings Park while they talked to him about the upcoming wedding.

Elizabeth had been walking on the grounds of Rosings Park replaying over and over the scene that had occurred in the Collins Parsonage between her and Mr. She felt a little regret regarding what she said to Mr. However, after remembering that he had disparaged her relations to her face, she stomped down on her remorse.

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She was so inwardly focused that she missed the large tree root in front of her, which she tripped over. She tumbled and finally landed on her front with her dress up almost to her shoulders. She had attempted to brace herself during the fall but now her hands hurt too much to push herself off the ground. She turned her hands over to see her palms scratched and bleeding. This has to go down as one of the worst days of my life. She was therefore in quite an awkward position with her rump high in the air, her dress still up near her shoulders, and her chemise completely exposed when she heard a gasp.

Elizabeth looked up to see a pair of highly polished Hessian boots along with a long greatcoat. She followed the legs up to the countenance she knew quite well, having just seen it not long ago. It was Mr. Elizabeth looked in the mirror without seeing her reflection. She still could not believe her good fortune. Her wish, for her sister Jane to be married to Mr. Bingley, had come true on the very same day Fitzwilliam proclaimed to still love and care for her when he asked for her hand a second time. Darcy had undertaken a very quick and dangerous trip to bring back a physician from London, who had correctly diagnosed her with arsenic poisoning.

Without Mr. Darcy walking towards her. She smiled at him, still amazed at how very lucky she was indeed. Your wife has a habit of doing that. But it is too late to do anything about that now! Elizabeth turned around and reached her arms out, though he was still unused to her spontaneous hugs to relax completely. I love my wife just the way she is. He was still in awe of his good fortune. Elizabeth blushed, glancing down after the kiss. For I shall not give it up that I am the luckiest one and I imagine you will not give up that you are. Elizabeth ran her hands down Mr. Georgiana and her companion Mrs.

Annesley would be accompanying them in their own separate carriage. Despite feeling guilty that Mr. Darcy had not seen his sister Georgiana for several months, Elizabeth was glad Georgiana was in her own carriage. She wanted Mr. Darcy to herself for a while. Elizabeth laughed and patted his chest. Have you met my mother? No, I think it is much better for us to leave as quickly as possible. Especially Miss Bingley. There was a new feeling she picked up from Miss Bingley since her engagement, and it was not a good one.

She would much rather be far away from those two sisters. She knew Mr. Bingley was a good friend of Mr. Bingley visited them at Pemberley, they would do so without Miss Bingley and the Hursts. Elizabeth never did figure out what Mr. Hurst did other than lie around and get drunk every day. She could not imagine having a husband like that. Elizabeth smiled. She agreed with him, but it was not every day a girl got married. And for her, she planned that it would be done just once in her life. She was quite tired though. She had not slept a wink the night before.

Both sisters talked of how excited they were yet nervous about their plans for the future. Elizabeth would miss Jane and her papa the most. She hoped that with only two sisters left at home, Mr. Bennet would get out of his library and take a hand in raising the girls. It was not too late for Kitty; with Lydia gone her behavior could still be corrected.

She did not have high hopes for Mary though. She was older and quite set in her patronizing ways. Perhaps Mrs. Bennet and Mary would both need a place to live after Papa died. Darcy squeezed her hands. Bingley is in the market for an estate near Pemberley. You shall in the future not be too far from Mrs. Darcy leaned in and kissed Elizabeth again, longer than before.

They had better make haste and proceed to Pemberley, or if he was not mistaken, they would be spending their wedding night here at Netherfield. He neither wanted to spend it on the road, nor did he want to remain at Netherfield. Darcy was feeling the next day. I am so very excited to go back to Pemberley with you and Elizabeth.

I hope that I can ride in your carriage at least some of the way. Elizabeth has been so busy I barely have had a chance to speak with her. Let Elizabeth and I have the first part of the trip until we change horses. Then you may join us. Georgiana smiled and clasped her hands together. She wanted to give her brother a hug, like she had seen Elizabeth do many times, but he was not fond of it.

Elizabeth told her she was working on changing that. She would have to be patient. What did you say it was called? Elizabeth closed her eyes. Of all the places for her mother to mispronounce, she had to do it in front of people that had actually been there. Surely you have heard of it? It is the grandest estate in Derbyshire.

That was another reason she would be so glad to leave. Elizabeth had thought that after her engagement announcement Miss Bingley would be scarce; however, just the opposite had occurred. Miss Bingley doubled her efforts at being around Mr. Darcy, talking to him and doing whatever she could to make it known that she was still there. She had been treating Elizabeth as if she were a ghost: completely invisible.

It was enough to make Elizabeth want to run screaming while pulling out her hair. A clatter arose outside the room. Elizabeth turned to see servants carrying luggage to the front door. Oh, thank goodness. She hoped that meant they were ready to leave immediately. Elizabeth looked at Jane. You must write me. Bingley are welcome at any time. Jane smiled that angelic smile of hers and hugged Elizabeth.

Hurst smiled, and Mr. Hurst may or may not have mumbled something. When Elizabeth hugged her papa is when tears started to fall. Come back to Longbourn for a visit. Make sure you write. The sound of horses and carriage carried through the windows to the occupants of the drawing room. They looked up at each other in wonder. Kitty, who had been wandering the grounds, saw the carriage plus four thunder down the lane towards their house. She ran into the drawing room. There is a coat of arms on the coach! I do not recognize it. Darcy meanwhile has traveled to Scotland to get away from the horror that is his life at Pemberley.

Darcy's Second Chance: A Pride and Prejudice Novella

His mother and father are dead, his sister refuses to be with him, his mother-in-law is crazy, Anne's half sister is nuts too so getting away from Pemberley has its rewards. While in Scotland he meets Elizabeth who is all alone in a run down estate house by herself. Her husband has left her there, and all of the staff left since he treated them so poorly. Pregnant and alone, Darcy stays to help her fix the falling apart estate.

He delivers her baby since there is nobody around for miles and although he keeps saying he should leave, he never does. Another woman and two children show up at the estate and it turns out that the husband was married before and that Elizabeth's church marriage was not legal. Darcy then asks her to marry him because he likes her and loves the daughter, Jane.

Turns out that her sister Jane was supposed to marry this jerk, but she died from Typhoid fever so he married Elizabeth, illegally it seems. Darcy and Elizabeth marry in Gretna Green on their way back to Pemberley. Darcy suffers from migraines, so between his illness and traveling with a young baby it takes them many days to get to Pemberley. When they do finally arrive, the ghosts that haunt Pemberley's master try to upset the life he wants with Elizabeth.

Actually, there are no ghosts, but Lillian and Georgiana contribute the greatest threats to the couple. His biggest problem is Lillian who is jealous of Elizabeth and her daughter, Jane. Elizabeth tries to tell him that Lillian needs to be sent away from Pemberley, but since she is "family" he cannot bring himself to do so. It takes almost losing Elizabeth to show him just how sick Lillian is. Lillian decides to leave Pemberley on her own when Darcy refuses to annul his marriage to Elizabeth which would be difficult, because they are having a child together.

She even convinces Georgiana that she should convince Darcy to do so, too creating yet another problem for Darcy. She is really sick. She has syphilis and living in a hovel of a brothel.

He takes Francis supposedly his son and brings him back to Pemberley. Elizabeth almost dies having their daughter, Olivia, but refuses not to have more children. When their son is born, Darcy delivers him underneath a great tree on Pemberley's lawn since he couldn't wait to come into this world before they got home from their walk. An editor would have helped this book immensely. Unique story idea, but execution was scattered and disjointed.

Publisher Description

May 04, Evil Mommy rated it liked it. Please get an editor This story is so unique that it really should be a 5 star, but the editing drags it down. I dont believe that the author's first language is English. Again, an editor and freelance editors are very affordable could make this story shine. I am a stickler for grammar and correct word usage. My red pen was itching to mark up my Kindle. Still, I kept reading because the story was that good. It reads like a gothic novel.

It's dark and angst-filled. There are confusing spots beca Please get an editor This story is so unique that it really should be a 5 star, but the editing drags it down. There are confusing spots because there are words missing from a sentence and you have to infer what was supposed to be written. I would really love to re-read this if it ever gets the edit it deserves.

Sep 23, James S rated it liked it. Interesting experience The story is way off canon. Certainly a rough story. Horrible things have happened to both Lizzie and Darcy. Every forth word is wrong it seems. And perhaps the author is a non-English speaker. Even with all the above, we can follow the story.

Oct 10, Jeanie King rated it liked it. Good story, very poor editing: is English the second language for this author? The syntax often resonates with those speakers of other languages and often requires the reader to either reorder the phrase s or sentence to make sense. Unusual plot lines were interesting, though the characters were often unrecognizable with those of traditional J.

You might try changing the character's names and title to reflect this: I'm not strictly a "traditional" J. FF reader, but I do ha Good story, very poor editing: is English the second language for this author? FF reader, but I do hae trouble with very incompatible characters, if they are supposed to at least mirror J. May 22, Susan Ferkany rated it did not like it. This book needs a second chance! I really wanted to like this book. See some of our ideas for restoring your properties appeal by visiting the link to our blog below….

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