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It opens the door to seeing forgiveness of personal sin as the only element of the gospel. It can lead us to believe that eradicating private sin is the only activity of our lives. This resurrection-less understanding creates a story much too small for us to live in. It leaves Jesus in the past, on the cross, at a distance of thousands of miles from North America and 20 centuries. He fixed it. Drawing an empty tomb on the napkin is not meant to remind us simply of a second historical event but of a present reality: The risen Christ is Lord of heaven and earth.

He is present with us by his Spirit, empowering and reshaping our lives.

Christ has united us with himself so that we have been raised up with him and have been seated at the right hand of God Col. It is this connection with him, this new state of being included in his own life, that enables us to seek the things of God.

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Gratitude—while needed and wonderful—is not enough. Forgiveness of sins is not enough to empower the Christian life. Following Jesus faithfully requires his own power at work in us, and this we have. The resurrection demonstrates that he is present and he is Lord. The work of Christ for us, therefore, is not just something done over our heads or merely long ago and far away.

For the apostle Paul, the resurrection is not merely about our life after death, but it informs our present.

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By his life-giving Spirit, we are liberated to imitate him by living his resurrection life not only for ourselves but for the good of others. But this is not about pitting the material world against the non-material world. We still wrestle with sin, but Paul reminds us that we are not lost soldiers who are just expected to do the best we can, armed only with reminders of a past victory on the cross.

He has sent us his own Spirit, not as a substitute for him in his absence but as the power and manner of his presence.

How Long Was Jesus' Crucifixion on the Cross?

The gospel is, chiefly and primarily, the news that Jesus is Lord and consequently Caesar, in whatever political form, is not , that he is the Savior who rescues his people, that he reigns over heaven and earth Acts — The King and his kingdom are here. If our understanding of the good news is restricted to proclaiming that he removes our sin which is gloriously true , then we risk reducing Jesus to a formula and a method for countering sin.

But Jesus is not merely the solution to an accounting problem. He is life! If, on the other hand, our understanding of the faith keeps Jesus at the center, then he pulls every aspect of the Christian life into alignment with him. Jesus leads us to praise him in joy, to confess our sin in confidence that he has already destroyed it, to hear the proclaimed Word in expectation that he himself will speak to us through it as he guides us into faithful living, and then to go out rejoicing in the knowledge that he is the Lord of the Sabbath and Lord of Monday through Saturday.

The gospel, proclaimed in a Christ-centered Christianity, moves us from simply avoiding sin to actually loving God and our neighbor. This is not a psychological trick fostered by a self-help mentality. Yes, we are called to die to sin.

Why do Catholics use crucifixes that show Jesus on the cross?

But the good news is not simply a negative, it is also a positive: We are made alive to love. This is a new love that liberates us to reconnect with our Creator, our neighbors, and his whole creation. We often cringe when we hear the word obedience.

The painful truth is recorded in the Scriptures

It sounds legalistic, even oppressive, to us, but that betrays how misshapen our views of God and the gospel have become. God is not interested in creating an arbitrary list of rules for us to follow in order to prove our endurance or commitment. Christian obedience is about love: The commandments give an outline, a framework for the love of God and neighbor. The Christian life is shaped like a cross and liberated like an empty tomb. Not only does it take the danger and distortions of sin seriously, but it also takes grace and forgiveness seriously.

God does that—in fact, he gives it as a gift Luke United to the risen King by his Spirit, we seek the good of the orphan and widow, and we care about the prisoner or the lonely soul who struggles with deep depression. We are free from sin and death and released to life and constructive, spirit-empowered love. Still, being familiar with what Jesus went through on the cross doesn't mean we have a proper understanding of just how long Jesus was forced to endure the pain and humiliation of the cross. We can find that answer, however, by exploring the Easter story through different accounts in the Gospels.

Beginning with the Gospel of Mark, we learn that Jesus was nailed to a wooden beam and hung on the cross at about 9 in the morning:. Jesus was nailed to the cross at 9 in the morning, and He died at about 3 in the afternoon. Therefore, Jesus spent about 6 hours on the cross. As a side note, the Romans of Jesus' day were especially adept at stretching out their torture methods for as long as possible. In fact, it was common for victims of Roman crucifixions to remain on their crosses for two or three days before finally succumbing to death. This is why the soldiers broke the legs of the criminals crucified on Jesus' right and left—doing so made it impossible for the victims to stretch up and breath, which lead to suffocation.

Jesus calls and strengthens us to follow Him so that we might fulfill the commandment to carry this gospel to the world Acts Death has no hold on those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. If we choose to accept the free gift of salvation and truly believe that: We are sinners and are separated from God Romans The penalty for that sin is death Romans To remedy our situation, God sent His only Son to die in our place—to take the penalty for our sin Romans Jesus is our only way to God. We can live life eternally with the Father John The work of the cross carries on—changing me, and changing you; changing the world one person at a time.

Way Of The Cross By Champaguri Catholic Church

Yes, I want to follow Jesus. I am a follower of Jesus. I still have questions. Learn More About Salvation! What do you think?