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Evangelism is not always only invitation

Real food, physical food, is to be eaten. The Scriptures have so much to salon this that one scarcely knows where to begin. At the Feast of Tabernacles, the people were to eat in the presence of God and rejoice Deut. Away with such internalized Greek nonsense!

Of course what matters most is the presence of Christ, and fellowship with Him, but He has ordained that fellowship to take place at a meal. He invites us over for supper every week, and we decide to eat with Him four times a year. Do you think He might possibly be offended?

How-to Evangelize - Gospel Invitations (Mobile)

He invites His enemies, in the Gospel, to join Him for dinner, but we encourage men to contemplate an absent Christ in their souls. Is our evangelistic display askew?

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It is as simple as dinner with Jesus, and more profound than any theologian can ever fully understand. Let the churches celebrate it as a feast, before the eyes of the world, so that the unconverted will realize the full extent of what they are being invited to partake of. James Jordan is scholar-in-residence at Theopolis.

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We can know that the hopelessness of humanity can be replaced with solid hope from God. Belief leads to action.

The Three Invitations of Christ

Take time to study some of the actions God wants from us in response to His invitation: Mark Mark And he said to them, Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. To understand more about this wonderful good news of the Kingdom of God, read our inspiring free booklet The Gospel of the Kingdom. Skip to main content. God has sent you an incredible invitation.

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