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1. Authentic

What does that success feel like? Take time to really feel what you want. Be confident in your desires. Feel that pride in yourself, that excitement of having accomplished your dream. When Madonna was asked what she was like before she became Madonna. She was first signed when she visited the recovering Seymour Stein co-founder of Sire Records in the hospital with her demo in a Walkman. It was the first time they met and he was impressed with her music and her drive.


To get her first movie role at age 20, she wrote director Steven Lewicki a three-page handwritten letter describing herself and her life. Make you and how you feel the two most important things. You deserve all that you desire for yourself. He said the only way the studio could use the script was if he played Rocky. You are already more than enough to achieve all that you want in life , so be confident in your happiness and your goals.

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Confidence can be the difference-maker in your success. Zachariah Bourne is a positivity enthusiast and songwriter based out of New York City, and author of the upcoming book Blissed Out. He believes success lives in those who seek it. He emphasizes self-development through happiness, focus and self-love. Zachariah has been empowering lives for more than a decade through personal coaching sessions, radio interviews and webinars. His passion is sharing uplifting ideas to help people create radically better lives.

I said that before I even knew I was. While in college, Bill Gates acquired his first deal that founded Microsoft by calling the president of MIT-Systems and securing a meeting for a demonstration of new software for their platform.

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David Bowie hired a large number of bodyguards to follow him just to make him appear famous while in the U. Self-improvement guru Wayne Dyer would call bookstores in different accents pretending to be customers in order to drum up demand for his first book. How to Gain Confidence Shawn Achor, positive psychology expert and best-selling author, describes positivity as the Happiness Advantage. Enter a state of strong positive emotion. He was articulate, intelligent and, most of all, confident.

After it was over, I approached this young sophomore. It was then I was stunned by his actual demeanor. The student was not only quiet, but quite insecure—even fearful—and absolutely lacking self-confidence. In many of the national and global surveys on Generation Z, the students self-report that they are confident people.

When I dig deeper, however, into many of these reports, I find something fishy.

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The confidence is in regard to technology—often the use of video games, social media and cyber-information. Once they step outside of those areas, they frequently wear a mask and hide. In our focus groups, held in four states across the U. Their chief fears were not about using social media or technology, in general. Instead, they were frightened about:. Overall, social media makes teens feel more self-conscious about their appearance.

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There are five fundamentals we can teach students that consistently raise their level of confidence. Let me remind you of these steps below:.

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Communication and public speaking continue to loom as the largest fears Americans have in life. The contrary is true as well. When we build good public speaking skills, we tend to become more confident. Why not enroll them in a course? My own self-confidence grew, as a middle school and high school student, when I found out I had a talent in art. My confidence rose as I cultivated this gift, eventually designing our school mascot.