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I learned so much about the culture and the people while doing journalism and that story ended up winning an award! It was truly a wonderful experience for me. Paola joined the Live 5 News team in September Professional Experience:. Like Best About the Lowcountry:. All the delicious food and the beautiful weather! Most Interesting Assignment:. Recent Articles by Paola. Man rejected by Charleston Rifle Club speaks out at race-based event A man rejected from the Charleston Rifle Club spoke out about his experience at a race-based discussion in hopes of change.

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Published May 22, at AM. Student warns others after scary encounter in SC high school parking lot A high school senior preparing to make a decision about which college to attend, was forced to make a different kind of decision. Published May 2, at AM. Published April 17, at AM. He also tells him that he's offered the drugs to other members of the team. Tristan is upset, because he doesn't want to be written off as a drug dealer. Dallas then approaches Tristan about the pills and says that he can't tolerate that happening on his team. Tristan then reveals that he has been giving Miles vitamin pills as a placebo, to prevent Miles from going off to find real steroids.

Tristan knows he's in over his head, and admits the truth to Miles. Miles is furious with Tristan for lying to him saying that "he thought they were friends," and is worried that the rest of the team is going to think he's stupid for giving them fake steroids. However, Tristan performs major damage control, and gives the team another round of vitamins, telling them they're "flush capsules," that will get the "steroids" out of their system, and allow them to pass any drug tests.

Miles is grateful that Tristan protected him from any judgement, and forgives him. In Spiderwebs , Miles and Tristan go to Maya's house together to bring her her school assignments. In The World I Know , Tristan and Miles have made plans to go out for lunch, and approach Maya together, asking her if she'd like to tag along. In Dig Me Out , although Tristan does not appear on-screen, Miles mentions at the Hollingsworth's pool party that they are planning to be partners in a game of Chicken. In Unbelievable , Tristan helps Miles win Maya back after a fight by arranging for him to serenade her at the Degrassi sing-off.

In Thunderstruck , Miles and Tristan make plans to hang out one-on-one, after realizing that neither of them have plans to attend the end-of-term dance. Tristan jokingly tells Miles that they've just made a "bro date," and puts his arm around him as they walk down the hall together and continue to plan their night. At the Hollingsworth house that night, the boys fall into a game of "charades" with Winston and Frankie. The boys are completely in sync, and are winning the game. Then, the mood changes when their old teacher, Mr.

Yates, comes up in conversation. It is revealed that Tristan had an affair with him. When Tristan confesses that he thought he and Mr. Yates shared a genuine connection, Miles accidentally offends him, by laughing and telling him, " Miles finds Tristan outside in the storm, and apologizes for his cruel reaction to Tristan's confession. He admits that he wasn't trying to imply that no one could love Tristan, saying that "he's the most lovable guy he knows. The two of them continue to compliment each other, and Tristan admits that he developed feelings for Miles in Paris.

The two of them nearly kiss, before the power goes off, and they decide to go back inside. Tristan and Miles play a game of "murder" with Winston and Frankie, in which the players are required to hide around the house, and avoid being tagged by the game's "murderer". Miles finds Tristan's hiding spot saying "circling back to the starting point - oldest trick in the book. Miles then jumps over the couch, approaching Tristan, whereas he says "come any closer and I'll kiss you", whereas Miles says "go ahead. Tristan then leaves the room, leaving them to "catch up.

After the storm passes, Tristan tells Miles he's cool with their kiss being a "one time thing", because he figured it was to get back at Maya for breaking up with Miles. Obviously disappointed, he begins to leave. Miles grabs his wrist and begs him not to go.

He tells Tristan that the kiss was "weird They are later seen making out in said greenhouse before Tristan pulls away, asking if they can talk. Miles allows the discussion, to which Tristan says that he doesn't mind having a secret relationship, he actually prefers it that way, but he wants to make sure that it isn't all about Maya. Miles insists that he doesn't care about his "stupid ex-girlfriend's opinion," and Tristan continues by asking Miles about his dad.

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Miles jokingly replies with "mood killer" but proceeds to explain that things are good between him and his dad and that he even agreed to do a family photo shoot with his father in order to promote the man's campaign. Tristan asks Miles when it is, and Miles checks the time, realizing that it's in fifteen minutes and that he's going to be late. He runs out of the greenhouse, leaving behind a shocked Tristan. The next day, Miles rushes over to Tristan, insisting that the two of them ditch the check ceremony.

Tristan seems shocked and asks him about it.

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Miles says that his father and his "campaign stooges" would be there at any minute, and that he didn't want to. Miles grabs Tristan's wrist and begins pulling him out of the room in a rush. The two of them are stopped by a reporter asking Miles to say a few words about his father. At first he's reluctant, but he eventually asks Tristan if he could wait for a moment before walking off with the reporter. They tell Miles that Tristan doesn't want to see him after he outed their relationship in the newspaper and that everyone is teasing him to which Miles asks why.

Tristan appears and says because they think he is just using Tristan to piss off his dad, Tristan tells Miles that he promised to keep their relationship a secret until they figured things out, and Miles tries to explain why he did it, but Tristan tells him he doesn't want to talk to him right now. He says that he thought Miles actually liked him but he only manipulated him. Miles is upset to hear this, insisting that he doesn't manipulate people and that he needs to speak to Tristan.

The bell rings and Tristan goes to his seat. He points out how his father would also like his "boyfriend" to come over for dinner and asks Tristan if he still has one. Tristan says that depends on if a ride will be provided in the car, and Miles replies with "if that's what it takes.

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Miles ask if he's forgiven, and Tristan points out how he's happy that Miles worked things out with his dad. Miles proceeds to out his arm around Tristan, and the two begin to walk towards the school together. Before they can get inside though, Maya stops Miles and asks what he's doing. He pulls off his sunglasses and gives a dead looking smile, saying that "he's making things better. We find out that Miles has a head cold and he feels like crap and that's why he wrote that message to Tristan.

Tristan comes into Miles living room with soup to find Maya and Miles together. Tristan tells Maya "hands off my bf bitch.

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  • Tristan is surprised and says she's gone "full girl interrupted on us here. They end up kissing and are interrupted by Miles' dad who enters the room. Hollingsworth asks if they are.

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    • Tristan tries to explain their assignment to him but Miles tells Tristan to stop saying that "once he's decided to be disappointed in him, there's no point in talking to his dad. Hollingsworth leaves the room. Tristan tells him to take a chill pill and then puts his hand on his shoulder saying he was just kidding.

      Miles tells not to do that, since he's making it worse. Tristan tells Miles that Winston said he was the problem, whereas Miles asks "what problem? Miles stands up and asks whether he's been talking to Winston about him. Tristan says that people have been noticing things about him have been changing. He's been moody, irritable and he has been skipping classes a lot.

      Miles asks why people keep butting in, and Tristan asks Miles to tell him if it's him. Miles sits back down and tells Tristan that "he can't be the problem because there is no problem. Tristan says that they can prove them wrong by acing their history project together and briefly puts his hand on Miles' shoulder. Miles says that they better get the forms then and Tristan smiles. Next day, after Tristan had to present their assignment alone, he went to Miles' house, finding him by the pool.

      Tristan asks why he wasn't at school and Miles tells him he's talking really loudly. Tristan asks him why he wasn't in school to do their history presentation and Miles says "why would he want to go to class with all those judging people. Tristan says no and he has to get back to school and tells Miles he should too.

      Miles says his current situation is way more fun. Tristan says "smoking dope by yourself is fun? Miles laughs.

      Tristan Thompson's Reaction To Khloe Kardashian Confronting Him About Jordyn On 'KUWTK' Was A Lot

      Tristan says he seriously thinks he has a problem. Miles says his only problem is this is his last joint, to this Tristan just looks with a disappointed look at Miles. In Hush , Miles approaches Tristan in the corridor reading a military uniform, Miles apologizes for blowing off the presentation it wasn't fair, Tristan says he's right it wasn't, Miles said he talked to their teacher and he said they get another chance, Tristan says that would involve him giving Miles another chance though.

      Miles grabs Tristan's hand and asks what he can do to fix things, Tristan says he could wear that cute uniform for the rest of the day but if he's going to live down his prior humiliation then they have to study, which means one more rehearsal at lunch, Miles agrees and they smile at each other. Miles waits for Tristan in a classroom and when Tristan arrives with Frankie, Winston and Hunter he thinks they are their audience, Tristan says no and that they all want to talk to him, Hunter tells him its an intervention.

      Miles asks Tristan if he knew about this, Tristan says he was concerned about him, Miles can't believe he would do this to him. Miles starts lashing out and says to Tristan, you went behind my back when I thought you were the one person who understood, Tristan tries to say he does understand but Miles says he's pathetic you know that, I treat you like absolute garbage and you keep clawing back for more, why, are you that desperate for someone to love you, screw this, Miles bails and Tristan is shocked. In Hero vs.

      Villain , Tristan approaches Miles in the hallway with 2 latte's, Tristan says that he knows Miles wasn't thrilled about the intervention and that he wasn't thrilled about what Miles said about him but its been 3 days, 3 long days, its time to kiss and make up and then offers Miles a latte, Miles sarcastically makes a comment on how he could get addicted to caffeine. Tristan says he knows the intervention was crazy but he felt pressured to participate for you and says they can talk about it during class, they enter and when Tristan sits down and indicates for Miles to sit next to him but Miles refuses saying he'll sit up front since people are worried about his poor performance lately.

      Later, In the gym Tristan surprises Miles with sushi and origami since he knows he likes both things and informs Miles this is his grand gesture and he really cares about him and he wants to fix things between them. Miles decides to stay for lunch with Tristan. Tristan explains to Winston that he thought his sushi lunch was going to be a hit but it wasn't because Miles barely talked and didn't open his origami love notes and he can't figure out why, Winston points out that Miles is staring at Maya down the hallway, Tristan is upset to see this.

      Tristan finds Miles in the hallway skipping the assembly and then says he is surprised he is alone, Miles asks what that means, Tristan says he thought it was the intervention that pushed him away but it was what happened after that, Miles says that he drove Maya to her appointment, so what?


      Tristan tells him that he still has feelings for her, Miles questions this by saying "because I gave her a ride? Miles just stares at Tristan and doesn't say anything. Tristan begins to walk away before turning back to him to tell Miles that he is a "terrible person", he is told that he "uses and abuses people" and one day he's going to wake up and realize he has nobody.

      Tristan then adds that he'll be happy that he won't be there for that "sad, sad day" and tells Miles that he is "so done". This officially marks the end of their first relationship. Tristan isn't happy that Miles has the look on his face which says he has a new crush and he hopes it isn't a guy. Miles later notices Tristan on a date and seems a little unsettled. Miles admits that he liked dating Tristan and that they just hanged out and kissed. Later, Tristan and Miles help the search party to find Maya and when they discover where she is, Winston tells them they have to call the cops.

      Later, Tristan has a dream where him and Miles kiss. As he is showing his excitement, Miles walks into the room. Tristan is annoyed and asks what Miles was doing there, noting Miles was supposed to be going to a boarding school. Tristan pretends he was unaware that Miles had said anything and Miles tells him may the better man win, to which Tristan agrees. At the party, Tristan asks Miles to talk and grabs Miles away. Miles tells Tristan his reasons for running and Tristan doesn't believe him. Miles tells Tristan that he believes Tristan's only running because he's not over him, to which Tristan disagrees.

      Miles then says he's not over Tristan and kisses him. Tristan then returns the kiss. He tells her about the kiss and that he felt a connection, to which she seems annoyed with. She tries to tell him that Miles is just toying with him, but Tristan isn't having it. When walking to the back of the stage, Tristan sees Miles with his hand around a grade 9 student, signing her arm.

      An argument begins and after being told he's not being professional and no one would want a President like Miles, Tristan tells Miles no one would want a President who could not choose between boys and girls. Simpson then announces over the intercom that Miles won and Tristan was Vice President. Goldi walks in and tries to tell Tristan its the girls' bathroom. After he ignores her, she tells him she was the only one to run a fair election and that he and Miles ruined everything. She then quips that Miles went over the budget, to which Tristan says she is right. Tristan is then seen in the hallway after Miles was disqualified from being President.

      Miles confronts him on telling on him and tells him that he will destroy Tristan. After, he tells Tristan he wasn't over him but that he is now, to which Tristan begins to cry. Tristan tells him that if he wanted to be president, he shouldn't have cheated. In NotOkay , Tristan sees Miles and Esme flirting in the hallway and asks Winston where Miles finds the girls he's been with, Winston tells Tristan he needs to move on and to ask Vijay out.

      Later, Tristan is waiting for Vijay so they can go on their date and Miles comes up to him with Esme. He teases Tristan asking if the flower is for him and Tristan asks what he's doing there. Miles responds he's grabbing a bite to eat and asks Tristan what about him. Tristan tells him it's only right to be honest to him and tells him he's dating Vijay.

      Miles teases him because Vijay is Hunter's friend and Tristan gets defensive saying Miles is allowed to date but he can't. Miles tells Tristan he and Esme aren't dating to which Esme responds they have a sibling relationship. Miles agrees and weirds Tristan out by kissing Esme. Miles tells Tristan he's got a thing for weirdos. Vijay arrives and ask if Miles and Esme are joining him and Tristan.