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These have recently become available in print from Black Hood Press , and are also available as ebooks. There are two prior works, but they are still only available in ebook format.

11th October 2014

The Black Spectre is a mix of pulp hero and comicbook hero with a bit of a Batman inspiration though I see a little bit of another comicbook character as well. I think he is more of apulp hero, but I do see the comicbook elements. The Black Spectre is really millionaire Brent Gregor. In the first book, we learned how Brent obtained the means to become the Black Spectre, and not just walk again, but to take action against the mobsters who killed his father and hold Terminal City in their grip.

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We were also introduced to other, secondary characters, such as reporter Vicky Ross who wants to make her mark as a crime reporter and gets involved in matters. But she is not a potential love interest for Brent yet? He seems to want to rekindle things with aviatrix Abigail Wentworth , whom Brent had met in college.

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We are also introduced to a couple of cops in the second story, who will also be involved in the third book. After the action of the first book, which had an impact on the mobsters, things heat up with further shakeups.

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The Black Spectre adds to this, but the problem is Brent is still learning his way. He needs to understand how he can use his abilities and take action, which he finally does. But at the end of the second book, he is injured and must seek refuge while mobsters are looking for him. Further, he needs to have a reason to go after the criminals then just revenge for his parents.

At the same time, Vicky is digging into the shake up in the underground, how the two cops are involved, while also dealing with failing health from what happened to her in the first book. All of these various story threads come together in the third volume, though not everyone will come out okay at the end. These volumes wrap up the origins of The Black Spectre. I hope to check out the other works at some point, and hope they are also make available in print form.

This is another interesting New Pulp hero to look into. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And then, following a not-entirely-unexpected reveal, it follows the man out the window and onto the rooftops.

C.W. Lemoine | Author » SPECTRE: ORIGINS

Long tracking shots may be a tad oversold in the wake of Birdman and season one of True Detective , but this one is a dazzler. Indeed, the entire pre-title sequence of Spectre —which also includes fisticuffs in a wildly spiraling helicopter over a crowded square—is magnificent, perhaps the best in the entire film history of the franchise.

From there, the movie leaps from London to Rome to the Austrian Alps to Tangier and the Sahara, the plot trundling on along two parallel tracks which inevitably will bend to intersect.

Superhero Origins: The Spectre

Abroad, a rogue James Bond Daniel Craig is trying to track down information about a diabolic global crime syndicate, Spectre, and its mysterious leader Christoph Waltz. About all you need to know about this character is that he is played by the actor Andrew Scott. I mean fine, launch your dangerous new technology that will make all human privacy a thing of the past.

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And yes, this is exactly the same plot as Captain America: The Winter Soldier , right down to many of the particulars, including a snazzy, Triskelion -ish intelligence HQ on the bank of the Thames. Sam Mendes, who directed the previous installment of the franchise, Skyfall , returns for an encore and once again gives the proceedings an upscale gloss. Moreover, it makes a number of substantial narrative missteps, falling into some old bad habits and developing a few new ones. In essence, Spectre is an elaborate retcon job, a bid to turn the Craig movies into a unified trilogy yes, technically a tetralogy; bear with me.

This is achieved principally by revealing that Spectre was secretly and rather murkily behind all the evil plots that took place in the earlier films.

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The backward references to previous films are almost innumerable, and act as an accumulating drag on the current one. Among the literally dozens of references to Le Chiffre, Silva, Mr. White, Lynd, and M, they left in—perhaps accidentally? I tremble for the day when some enterprising young exec has the bright idea of cross-pollinating Bond with fellow Sony property Spider-Man. This intent was suggested in Skyfall , but Spectre takes it a great deal further.