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The fiberglass mannequins are usually more expensive than the plastic ones, tend to be not as durable, but are significantly more impressive and realistic. A search of the area for casualties was confused by mannequins blasted from shop windows, which were sometimes mistaken for bodies. The buildings were populated with mannequins, and stocked with different types of canned and packaged foods.

Their challenge, judged by two fashion mavens, was to assemble their own clothing line and be their own mannequins. All nine players later reunited to inspect their own mannequins and tell what clothes weren't theirs.

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Bespoke mannequins at the museum have been designed to draw the visitors' attention to the bags on display. The club featured nightly light shows with synchronized music and live performances by human mannequins.

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In the teaser, it shows the girls as mannequins in their own dress up area. In an attempt at trying to play it suave, he holds one of the mannequin's hands, only for the mannequin's hand to come off. After leaving school he started work for a company supplying mannequins and other equipment for window dressing. On the right side of the mannequins are the ivory cradles of various sizes. Need a translator? What is the pronunciation of mannequin? My Dictionary. Word of the Day match point a situation in a game such as tennis when the player who is winning will win the match if they get the next point.

About this. Blog Tangy, tart and fruity: talking about flavours July 03, New Words mean world syndrome noun July 08, Mannequin sex. When a man stretches his scrotum up over his penis and entirely covers it so his genital region resembles a flat skin-coloured patch , similar to a store mannequin.

After shaving my sack I can do such a good mannequin , Target wants to hire me to do in store promotions. The plastic dummies seen in fashionable clothing stores all over, normally wearing the season's newest fashions.

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Larry : "That mannequin just winked at me! Mannequin unknown. A term used to describe an obviously fake person ; a person who either looks or acts differently than they make themselves out to appear usually negative. Joe: I heard Nicole had a stress fracture in her leg Katie: That's weird, I saw her running perfectly fine a few minutes ago. Joe: Geez, what a mannequin. A person that looks better dressed than naked.

The term implies deception on the person's part for cleverly masking their physical shortcomings. I wasted the whole night trying to fuck that mannequin from the bar last night.


She looked hot with her clothes on, but when she got undressed I had to close my eyes to keep my boner. She was hiding fat like it was Osama Bin Laden. As a literal mannequin, they have a perfect figure externally, but have nothing to offer internally. They are completely void of emotion, a brain, or any capacity to hold an intellectually stimulating communication; existing simply to be played with like a doll.

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They masquerade showing off their physical beauty and will never be respected for that reason. Dude, check out the boobs on that mannequin! Dude, I need to take home a mannequin tonight