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While the house is often the site of strange smells and sounds, it's also one of few locations where some claim to have witnessed full body apparitions during the day.

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One notable instance occurred in , in which an official with the state's Judicial Department claimed to have had a lengthy conversation with a "tattered and musty" gentleman in an upstairs room. In the middle of a discussion about objects in a display case, the man vanished. She told museum staff about the odd encounter, and together they determined that she wasn't speaking with an aging beatnik at all, but the long deceased son of Samuel Tredwell. That's just the sort of thing that happens in the Merchant's House Museum.

Tredwell carefully. Courtesy of Scouting NY.

It was also a crime scene hundreds of years ago. As Scouting NY once told the story, the well is part of one of "the most infamous unsolved murder cases in New York City history. The two had a secret romance and were planning to elope that night.

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The true killer was either never found Lispenard's Meadow. Drawn by A.


Anderson, In our time, no one knew the well was even there until , when it was uncovered during work on the building. Ever since, strange things have occurred, and many believe Sands is haunting the property, which was even named one of the top 10 haunted places in the country. Do you know the scoop? Comment below or Send us a Tip. Stanley's favorite scent. Molly Brown is said to have survived more than just the Titanic.

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Dark shadows have been seen moving throughout the halls and rooms of the home. Piano keys tend to play by themselves. On numerous occasions, guests have encountered a pipe-tobacco odor, especially in the basement and attic. Brown was an avid tobacco smoker, and Molly would not allow it in her home. Maybe now that she's gone it's possible that the spirit of Mr. Brown still lurks. Hotel Jerome E. Main St. Aspen, CO In a young boy drowned in the swimming pool of the hotel. The ghost of this little boy is said to still lurk the hotel. He is known as the "water boy" and he'll show up shivering and soaking wet.

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The boy isn't the only spirit that tends to visit guests. A man who is said to have died of a broken heart also stumbles through the hotel.

Scott Boddie has a flair for writing gay fiction which makes him a sought after writer. His passion to create strong, fluid, and narrative driven books are highlighted in his works.

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At the age of 40, he left the corporate world to pursue his passion -- writing. Since first reading "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak in grade school, he knew that he was destined to tell his fantastical stories to the world. Boddie creates characters with a unique voice and quirky personality -- characters who are not afraid to share insecurities, fears, hopes, and dreams.