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If you killed him, especially early on in the war, things would probably have played out completely differently. If you thought that killing Bin Laden would do little to change anything—that his 2 would just step in seamlessly and replace him without much effect—there could still be a justice-based argument to choose him.

It would give you the chance to take future decades of life away from someone who took so much life away from others. If I knew more details about geopolitics or the internal workings of terrorist organizations, I could probably come up with a good practical answer. You can sign up for the Dinner Table email list here to be notified about the new topic each week, and remember to submit future topic suggestions to table waitbutwhy.

If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!

The instructions say: Type the name of a living person and then press the button. To me, there are two good reasons to kill someone off: 1 Practical. Okay your turn. Be more creative than I was, thanks. Previous Post. Next Post. June 6, April 11, The first girl loved me back for exactly one year and then one fine day left me without telling me her whereabouts.

The second one found me good in every aspect but still vanquished me from tasting true love for I didn't belong to her faith.

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Her brand of religion. The third one used me as a toy, as a helping boy to get her errands done only until her boyfriend could be back from an overseas trip. The fourth one used me as a cheap hotel, only for resting, after she was tired from sailing around the world.

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Only for the time she could regain her strength only to sail away. The fifth one saw me as an object to fulfil her desires once in a fortnight. I mean if you wanted me to screw me, God, you could have made me a fastener — a nut — at least I would have gotten screwed without feelings. Without any pain. But why like this? Why you made me of flesh and bones and heart! What fun you are getting out of this?


Out of this elaborate play in which you make me happy for a fleeting second only to push me again in the sea of sorrow. If this god does exist, even if hypothetically, then one thing is sure, that this god is a sadist, an evil genius who is having his fun out of our misery. Having his laughs out of our sorrow.

Having his creative satisfaction satisfied out of the infinite ways he screw us. He is one hell-of-a-cruel-badass who is having fill by watching us suffer. It's just a game for him. But, all this if supposedly he exists. So it's all fine for me. Nobody is getting a high out of my miseries.

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It's all the imagination of lunatics — the religious fools who believe in such phantasmagoria. I'm so so better than them. For now I realize, that I am worse than those blind followers. In fact, the worst.

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This vacuum in which I can neither breath, nor die. Hung in this limbo.

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In pain. In angst. In regret. Sign in. Get started. If I ever meet God, I will kill him. Because I have my reasons — selfish and little they may sound to anyone. Nitin Dangwal in P. I Love You Follow. Suppose this happens, then the first thing that I will do is attempt a murder on this God.

What is this world that he has created and for whom and for what purpose? But am I??

If I ever meet God, I will kill him.

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