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Couverture souple. Seller Inventory ABE Although biographical details frequently diverge, it is almost impossible not to draw on the list of personal stories—as told in interviews, surveys, research, novels, or other fictional works—which present a girl seduced by a young urban playboy or deceived by an agent and sold to some brothel.

This survey has the advantage of taking account of the diversity of the prostitutes, the weak point being the relatively small number of the interviewees and the unscientific sampling method. The percentage of girls who came directly from the country to work as prostitutes was Only Indeed, only As many as Girls of mixed ethnic origin, usually with fathers from the USA, Europe, Japan, or the Middle East, are very popular among Thai clients who are reluctant to pay for the more expensive services of Russian and East European prostitutes, easily available in Bangkok and Thai seaside resorts.

Official manipulation of the number of under-age prostitutes is quite easy. In most places of prostitution for Thai men until the s, the majority of the girls were between 15 and 20 years old. It would make a huge difference to statistics if the authorities were to decide to legalize the start of adulthood at 13, 15, 16, 18, or Even in the s and the s, when penalties were light, few prostitutes were less than 15 years old, but a large proportion were between 16 and First, we have street children, a large majority being boys, who earn their living by collecting empty cans, old newspapers, and used plastic bags, and, at times, by selling their bodies to Thai or western homosexuals Rai-ngan … n.

Then, in tourist resorts such as Pattaya, on the Gulf of Thailand, under-age girls and boys work as independent prostitutes for western tourists and residents. Young girls usually try to find customers at night in south Pattaya, where most nightlife spots are concentrated, while young boys know that they will find pedophiles in a strip of the Chomthian Beach just outside the city of Pattaya. However, if I do not believe in a general cultural or social explanation, it seems possible to propose modest theoretical schemes produced by the Thai society and history that could permit a better understanding of the prostitutional phenomenon in Thailand.

Many probably had children to bring up. Most of all, it was a loss of face for their whole family and they had little expectation of finding a new husband in the village. Their leaving the village could be seen as a kind of banishment or punishment. Their fault may have consisted more of having been abandoned by their husbands than of having had sexual relations per se. Ganika are women who have fallen from grace, perhaps been divorced from their husbands with no possibility to go back to their own families, or thrown out of their homes for some slight they have committed.

Surviving through prostitution, they step the very fringes of society, as outcasts and rejects. The few years in town as prostitutes could be viewed as a period of penitence. Back in their country villages, they could consider a new life. Many of them, however, fell into prostitution Lefebvre Young men not rich enough to rightfully acquire a spouse could find among young girls—whom nobody wanted to marry and who were destined to remain single—some who had decided to temporarily sell their favors as a social function Ellis n.

David Buss mentions the case of the Hokkien women of Taiwan repudiated for adultery who cannot remarry and non-virgin girls in traditional Chinese and Burmese societies who were unlikely to marry Buss As for Thailand, it could complete the case examples with widows— lato sensu —for whom remarriage was almost impossible and who frequently fell into prostitution. Feelings are a privilege, but a weakness that is supposedly typically feminine. The aim of marriage is to found a large family.

In Shanghai, before , parents arranged almost 55 percent of the first encounters between future husbands and wives and only 8 percent of them were entirely unplanned Shi During my long stay in Bangkok I realized that matchmakers were still often hired by well-to-do Thai-Chinese families, particularly to find a suitable spouse for a son. Love was not viewed as a condition but more as a result of marriage, particularly if the wife produced many sons. As a Chinese social scientist wrote in an article on prostitution:.

Emotional or intimate love and enjoyment of a sex life were never valid elements within the subject of marriage. Women were regarded as reproductive mechanisms to continue the family lineage. Xin Ren As men do not choose wives to whom they are sexually attracted and even think that pretty women would be bad mothers, they have to look for sex and eroticism elsewhere—in brothels, high-priced cabarets, or with individual mistresses, depending on their earnings.

Even in very different cultural spheres the power of money is felt when it comes to exchanging love. In some cases, it is quite impossible to say if the exchange is prostitution or not. Thai people assume that it was always so and that money is the most important thing, not only for locals but also for everyone in any country in the world. Long-time European residents are inclined to think the same.

I was quite surprised in the early s when a European woman—married to a Thai and resident in the country for more than 20 years—working as an accountant in a foreign company argued that everybody was for sale provided that the price was right.

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American journalists and diplomats frequently came to the same conclusion in the following decades. One of the most extreme impacts of that ideology in the field of prostitution is the practice called tok khiao. When the girl completes her compulsory education, usually at 12, the agents come back, pay some more money, and take the teenager away with them.

Sexual services are supplied by an expert women, but sometimes men who is paid for that, usually with money. The second and third jobs provide sexual services and require no initial qualification, in contrast with the first one. The two other jobs offered to women were restaurant waitress baht and hotel maid baht Bunnag 9.

In Thailand, prostitution became a real industry in the s during the Vietnam War, but it was at the beginning of the s, before the HIV epidemic, that the industry experienced its boom.

Several very large massage parlors had been built along downtown Si Ayutthaya and New Phetchaburi roads: Chao Phraya 2, then the largest massage parlor in the world rooms, total cost: million baht and Mona Lisa rooms, total cost: 60 million baht. In , Bangkok had of these official massage parlors with a turnover of more than 10 billion baht, not a negligible part in the economy of the city. Pictured is a motel, the indispensable shelter for illegitimate couples and, in particular, the place where many prostitutes such as bar-girls take their clients.

Her girls are high-class escorts and club hostesses. She gave birth to a girl, but did not stay long with the father. She returned to prostitution as a high-class procurer. She opened cocktail lounges and escort agencies to serve members of parliament, ministers, and distinguished foreigners, sometimes official guests of the Thai government. In , one of the best Thai female novelists published a two-volume biography of Oi B. At Chawala he would not hesitate to fire a masseuse who behaved improperly. Besides, he pointed out, the money spent by foreign tourists in entertainment places was good for Thailand Phayakhaphon We accept the fact that it is happening, right?

Thai Authorities … Guillaud, M. Walter, ed. The Chinese and the Prostitute in Thailand.

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Baffie, P. Beullier, ed. Control Unit with U. DAMRU pseud. Ses causes. Paulson, ed. Document from the Royal Palace], , Thalaeng ngan prawattisat ekkasan boranakhadi , January: Nartsupa et al. Kotmai tra sam duang [Law of the Three Seals], , 5 vols. MOLI pseud.

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Praweni, Prapheni [Tradisexion. Rai-ngan kansueksa panha dek lae yaowachon re-ron chonchat [Report on the Street Children Problem], nd circa Sathabanwichai phasa lae watthanatham phua phatthana chonnabot, Mahidol University. Davis, ed. Sarabanchi suan thi 2 khue ratsadon nai changwat thanon lae trok ch. William, , Chinese Society in Thailand. SOMSI pseud. Original edition [translation of ying khon chua ]. LePoer, ed. It is evident that only the central part of Bangkok is covered.

For example, the Phayanak area, later well known for its motels with prostitutes, has not been included.

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It chooses to depict almost exclusively the expatriate circles of Bangkok Arsan Very few people probably read the five other lines of text, in much smaller characters, that seem unrelated to the photography. Then it was about 25 baht to the dollar until July Since the July financial crisis, the exchange rate has fluctuated: it was The teahouse was upstairs. In , Chawala has been sold to property develpers who have built there a 30 storey Condominium Anonyme , Jean Baffie, sociologist, historian. Research fellow at the CNRS from to Approches pluridisciplinaires. Plan Names and Numbers: Ambiguity and Imprecision.

Prostitution During the Inter-War Period. The Tourists: From the s to the Present Time. The Major Laws Relating to Prostitution. Brothels samnak or song and Prostitution Hotels rongraem. Tea Lounge Girls ying rong nam cha. The Development of Prostitution in Thai Provinces.

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Sociology of Sex and Gender Relations. Love and Sex, Marriage and Family. A 17th Cen Agrandir Original png, k. A prostit Agrandir Original png, 1,4M. It chooses to depict almo A Bangkok Nowadays, it shelters a UOB Bank bran Thai nove Agrandir Original png, 1,9M. Agrandir Original png, 27k. Note de fin 1 Even if the subject is particularly interesting, I decided not to include male prostition in my study, due to the number of pages it would have been necessary to add. Haut de page. Table des illustrations Titre Fig.

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Since African history first emerged as a serious academic endeavour in the s and s, it has undergone numerous shifts in terms of emphasis and approach, changes brought about by political and economic exigencies and by ideological debates. This multi-faceted Handbook is essential reading for anyone with an interest in those debates, and in Africa and its peoples. While the focus is determinedly historical, anthropology, geography, literary criticism, political science and sociology are all employed in this ground-breaking study of Africa's past.