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How do I access the program I just purchased? This will be where you can access any purchased programs. Not to fear! Depends on the program you've purchased. Again, it depends on the program you've purchased. How do I place an order? Can a gift card be used more than once? Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card. Gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes. I received an email from a coworker, and we're not that friendly. Actually, we're not friends at all, just two good colleagues.

In his email, he wrote as his last sentence. The phrase "catch you on the flip side" is a very colloquial way of saying "See you tomorrow". It's unusual and unprofessional to see it in a business email.

But again, to me it depends on the context. For example, if someone is about to do something life threatening or over exaggerated as life threatening it could mean "see you in the after life", making the flip side, in this case, heaven.

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For example:. Another instance where it could be used is obviously just "see you tomorrow". I once heard a theory that the flip side meant something or other about the Earth rotating through its 24 hour cycle, hence making the the flip side the following day. Finally, the way I always thought it was taken is when you are saying goodbye to someone who you are unsure whether you may see again.

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Such as… Well tomorrow is my last day of high school so quite relevantly saying goodbye to classmates and teachers you may never run into again. Or perhaps someone you befriended one day on city transit and probably won't run into again. Or maybe a coworker leaving… Whatever it may be, I thought the flip side was just symbolic for the unknown.

To sum it all up, I guess to me it meant "It's uncertain we'll meet again, but I hope we do.

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I believe it means something like "See you next time we meet", often with an implication that the next time is known, assumed or hoped.