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Over the last 24 years PARANOIA has cut a path through conspiracy and the paranormal to bring its readers the information they want, but now we would like to grow further - do podcasts, make videos, do awesome stuff and for that, we need your help. Even as the publisher, I am still a writer who's articles can be seen in many of the issues!

But the world is changing and we are adapting. So in this new world of podcasts and electronic books, we need your help! Many times people come to me and ask how can I subscribe? Well, I now have an answer. Subscribe here! Thank you for helping us out!!!

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You ROCK! To get a compliment about your acting skills from someone as talented as Robert is a total thrill. So that episode was definitely a big plus for my soul, my career, everything. Regular cover. Previews exclusive cover Comic stores only.

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  5. And the next issue is going to focus on the eleven movies. With an interview with David Warner. Looking forward to that. The newsstand cover is great. Good job STM crew! Looking forward to picking it up after just finishing off the Klingon issue. Might buy this issue. Trek the easy way or the hard way? I have enjoyed some good Trek action yarns from time to time too, but the best Trek is about ideas. De Kelley, R. Star Trek is about much more than just space battles. You know, I think I liked it better when Star Trek was not quite so mainstream and we had fanzines.

    Then there were other magazines like Starlog, Enterprise Incidents and so on, I always looked forward to receiving the latest issue. Have all Enterprise Incidents myself, a few Treks, and many Starlogs. Miss them all.

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    Just looking at the smug look on her face in those pictures makes me want to gag. I think I stopped watching around season 3. Sorry, a bit off topic…but this article is peppered with pics of Janeway. The recent film being one example. A Trek film could be about war it could even be about — sigh — fighting a Bad Guy and still fully live up to the name Star Trek. I am a huge nuBSG fan and it fits your criteria.

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    8. All done in an intelligent way. But its m. Since STNG Best of Both Worlds which I really did like Trek has gone the easy route of telling these war stories in arcs ad infinitum and it is getting same old, same old tedious. It is also eclipsing other interesting story ideas. I would just like to see a bit more trekking and a little less warring for a change. You are right in your assessments. It was fun, exciting, thoughtful, et. Very interesting film and enjoyable too.

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      Quite fetching. Mostly familiar with Trek from the Best of Trek compilation books. They did have interesting fan essays. COM , and in our own c online shop.

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