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In the first half, medical intuitive, author and lecturer Stewart Swerdlow talked about mind control and various concepts such as "end times programming," and a "staged alien invasion. In the latter half, clinical psychologist Art Rosengarten In the first half, host Jimmy Church email was joined by Stewart Swerdlow , who has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes.

He discussed his experience with a "little creature," In the first half, medical intuitive and clairvoyant Stewart Swerdlow shared insights into various phenomena, and forces that guide the world as we know it. He also talked about being "recruited" for the Montauk Project. In the latter half, author Howard Medical intuitive, author and lecturer Stewart Swerdlow returned for a discussion on mind control, programming and deprogramming.

Author Stewart Swerdlow spoke about a Reptilian race which lives underground and first came here over , years ago. Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts. Followed by Vernon Mahabal on palm reading and predictions. Log In Forgot Password? Biography: A gifted medical intuitive, Stewart Swerdlow is a clairvoyant who has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns. More Guests Jan 6, All Auction Buy It Now. Sort: Best Match.

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    What Am I Thinking? Are We Becoming The Borg? Part l By Stewart A. Swerdlow

    However, we will be happy to hear from you and will help you sort out any issues. Inside the book Seizure classification diagram. MVA reporting guide. I am happy to sort out any issues that may occur. Or you can instead learn from the masters. Far from it. This takes a disciplined mind, and it is only a disciplined mind that will follow the advice outlined in this book. Gundry gives fans ofThe Plant Paradox what they've been asking for: more recipes!

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    The Montauk Project, Mind Control, The Illuminati & The Alien Agenda

    All the cards are clean with no tears or splashes. What does everyone in the modern world need to know?. By Don Miguel Ruiz. Dona Bernadette Vigil is a professional artist whose work has been widely exhibited. Author Don Miguel Ruiz. At The Nile, if you're looking for it, we've got it.

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