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This has ultimately shaped my view on the world and has helped me become a better person. The first time I read the adventure quote above, I was immediately dumbfounded. It made me think of my life, what I was doing, and what I wanted to do. Coming from a third world country, I know by experience that travel is a privilege. I worked hard for my degree, I hustle between one freelancing job to the next, and I work endlessly on this blog all because I want to keep doing what I do.

I want to be more and do more. Most of all, I want to be happy. I know that some people have families or other obligations. Everyone can choose their own adventure. One of the biggest risks that I took was starting this blog. After my partner and I met, we decided to start this because we wanted to stay connected to something that we loved, traveling.

However, we blindly took a leap and quit everything we knew to be normal and set off for a life of travel. Despite not knowing how to run a blog properly, nor how to make money along the way, we both just took this leap. Two and a half years later, we are still going. The bottom line is, take risks. Whether it is regarding your work or everyday life decisions.

So there you have it, folks, a few of my favorite inspirational adventure quotes which strike a cord with me every time I read them. It somehow puts things into perspective, inspiring me to never forget to grab life by the balls! Help us dream big! With only 1 more week left in our crowdfunding campaign, help us give our boys the world. Support here: www. NEW video up now! Hey friends, this is our last week on our bus. Join us as we share our last few days and share whether it has been worth it.

Hello friends! May you slide into Friday with the enthusiasm of our cheeky man. We also wanted to celebrate with you our latest milestone in our crowdfunding campaign and make a huge SHOUT OUT to our amazing community for their support. Only 9 days left in our campaign if you want to help us dream big for our amazing boys. Head to our campaign for more information: www. They ran a "Celebrating Adventures Lunch" for us yesterday, sharing their own adventure stories with their friends, while supporting our families big adventure plans for our boys health.

My heart goes out to you both, not only for the amazing fundraising that you did which is incredible! Here is Tarni with the boys, Zach decided he wanted to be like River and wear a funky headband too courtesy of Brenda Milinovich.

Hey friends, this week's video is up! It is just a brief intermission- with more questions than answers! We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all those who have already supported us. If you want to support our dream of giving our boys access to life-changing surgery and therapy head over to our crowdfunding page OR think of doing the ordinary extraordinary quest and do something on your own or with friends to support us: www. Ok this one goes out to all the other people in this big world who look different to the norm, whether its your bodies, the equipment you need, or how you move and may I just add you make this world a more beautiful place.

My dream would be to remove one question from the lips of strangers, and it would be to remove this one: "What is wrong with them? We have had this asked of us a few times, and even though I kind of expect this at times it has left me shocked. That someone could see the same child that I do and be prompted to ask that, is beyond me cerebralpalsyawareness youmakeeverythingmorewonderful. But in the meantime enjoy this week's vlog- it will bring a smile I guarantee! Feeling overwhelmed by what our newest friend, 9 year old Emma, achieved today.

She did a 10km bike ride to fundraise for our boys.

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Honestly, I cant believe her determination to do this. Having CP herself, she is dreaming big for others and her whole community was behind her xxx. She played badminton, sang opera, and danced hip hop with great enthusiasm and energy. By the end, it was her birthday and she was already gone from this earth. You see, it started off as an art project that I joined on a whim last year. At the time, I had a growing desire to tap into my inner artist and follow the footsteps of my mom, who was an artist.

I was looking for a creative outlet when fate rang my doorbell.

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So in , for days straight I participated in a global art project. Admittedly, when I first heard of the project, I struggled with how to start. What could I stick with for days? There were so many talented artists out there and I felt intimidated.

100 of the Most Inspiring Adventure Quotes of All Time [Updated]

However, the idea came to me when I decided to not take it so literally. What if I interpreted it as a theme instead? A daily practice? An expression? The light bulb finally came on. I would find something extraordinary each day, share my photo of it, and write about it. Often times, we go hunting for things to make us happy. We buy things. We seek happiness in others. But you know what? The extraordinary can be found in the ordinary. Just look. It is within you and around you. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary is a way to practice gratitude and be present, but in a less touchy feely way.

Almost like a game. Like a treasure hunt. Like turning lemons into lemonade! A lot of us may feel like we just live ordinary lives. We work hard, maybe live modestly. At the beginning, it started off lighthearted. We did a bit of yoga in the park in front of this sign at the museum. Things start to get heavy here. This was when the roller coaster began. My heart was so broken. Day I wanted to. I needed to carry the spirit of my mom on.

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  4. She lived a life of wonder and adventure, and taught us to do the same. In this throwback photo, we are her little explorers in Grand Canyon. I remember that we rode a bus there and she later recounted how well-behaved and curious we were, even as kids…even when the bus broke down and we were on the side of the road for hours. Though we grew up poor, we grew up rich in experience. She took us by the hand to show us a world of extraordinary adventure. I follow the tide and hug shores.

    My ocean is deep. I started this creative project as a way of practicing gratitude for being alive. travels-with-time-share-extraordinary-adventures-ordinary-people-by-lynne-bodry

    At the beginning, I just knew that my inner artist wanted to come out through my photography and word art. I had no idea that my life was going to change forever in such a transformative way. Losing my mom has changed me forever.

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    Now I have a mom who is no longer on this earth, but who lives on in me.