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The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Superfoods by Heidi McIndoo (ebook)

Subscribe to notifications. Manage Site Notifications. Thanks for your referral. Get regular news updates sent directly to your inbox. Your source of local breaking news and trending stories from across the country. Following are foods that I found especially beneficial during pregnancy and lactation. Beans and legumes are good sources of protein, fiber, calcium, iron, thiamin, and niacin.

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They are a crucial part of a vegetarian diet. Make a big batch of beans when you have time and freeze them in small containers. Canned beans are available also. They are just slightly lower in nutrients than home cooked due to the high heat processing. Canned beans usually contain high amounts of sodium, however.

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Draining and rinsing away the canning liquid will remove a lot of the sodium. Soybeans provide more protein than any other bean or legume, making them a staple of many vegetarian diets. Soybeans are rich in many nutrients, including calcium and iron. Fermented soy products like tempeh or miso are especially beneficial because they contain healthy bacteria and enzymes that aid digestion, and the phytic acid is neutralized by the culturing process. Avoid fabricated soy foods e. Also, keep in mind that although soy is a great protein source, it is not the only one.

Whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, and oats supply fiber, minerals, B complex vitamins, and protein. Buy the least processed grain types you can find. Many commercially prepared grains have the germ and bran removed to increase shelf life and shorten preparation time. Dark green leafy vegetables kale, collard greens, watercress, etc. Dark leafy green vegetables also are rich in phytochemicals like beta carotein and lutein which protect against many forms of cancer. Vegetables from the cabbage family broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc.

They are also rich in phytochemicals that have anticancer properties. Dark green leafy vegetables and cabbage family vegetables provide important nutrients that help to promote a plentiful milk supply for your baby. Buy fresh, organic vegetables whenever possible and eat at least one serving every day. Cultured and fermented foods include natural, unpasteurized miso, naturally fermented vegetable pickles and sauerkraut, yogurt, and Rejuvelac. Never boil these foods as high temperatures will destroy the beneficial bacteria.

Blackstrap molasses contains high amounts of calcium and iron, plus magnesium, potassium, copper, and chromium. Buy organic, unsulphured molasses and use it to sweeten porridge, smoothies, and baked goods.

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Nutritional yeast is an exceptional source of almost all B complex vitamins as well as being high in protein. Nutritional yeast flakes can be added to soups, sauces, tofu scrambles, cereals, smoothies, and other foods. Nuts and seeds are good sources of fiber, protein, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Nuts and seeds can be eaten raw or toasted. Small seeds like sesame and flax must be ground in a coffee grinder, seed grinder, or blender in order for nutrients to be utilized. Nut and seed butters are delicious on crackers or toast or used as a dip or sauce. If there is a predisposition to allergies, the infant could develop a peanut allergy.

Almond butter, cashew butter, pumpkin seed butter, or tahini sesame seed butter can replace peanut butter in sandwiches and recipes.

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The baby you are nurturing is truly an incredible gift, and the experience of giving birth is something you will always remember and cherish. Eating plenty of these common plant-based super foods for pregnancy and lactation will help you to feel strong and vibrant so you will be able to make the most of this special time. If the product is purchased by linking through this review, VegKitchen receives a modest commission, which helps maintain our site and helps it to continue growing! This article is a huge help. It provides all the basics in a clear-cut way.

I am so thrilled to have found it — I am ordering your books right now!!! Thanks for sharing. Discover forgotten low-input food gardening methods for surviving uncertain times ahead. The decline of cheap The decline of cheap oil is inspiring increasing numbers of North Americans to achieve some measure of backyard food self-sufficiency. In hard times, the family can be greatly helped Fenugreek seeds are considered an aphrodisiac and will stimulate the appetite, tamarind helps the liver Fenugreek seeds are considered an aphrodisiac and will stimulate the appetite, tamarind helps the liver and the digestive system, ginger is effective against colds, rheumatic pains, and nausea associated with pregnancy.

This is a collection of recipes that use Bishop Dr. Juliette D. Fagan, Prof. A native born Caymanian, married to Pastor Leeroy Fagan. Fagan as she is Magic of Chia: Revival of an Ancient Wonder.

Super Foods for your Heart

Scheer details the seed's abundant nutrients: calcium, Scheer details the seed's abundant nutrients: calcium, amylose a slow-burning starch helpful for hypoglycemics , a vast array of vitamins and minerals, and an unusually good ratio of omega-3 oil to omega-6 oil.

Plants for Food and Medicine.

The proceedings of the Economic Botany and the International Society of Ethnopharmacology conference, London, , exploring the commercial and scientific potential of plants for food, health and drug industries. It focuses on the current state of 'pharmafoods' - the coalescence This book is the first to describe the history, folklore, assessment methods, and remedies of This book is the first to describe the history, folklore, assessment methods, and remedies of Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine—the only system of folk medicine, other than Native American, that developed in the United States.