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He truly hit the mark.

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The reader catches up with Emily, as she heads north along the Hudson River, on the first leg of her journey to reach Alaska and rendezvous with the only other known group of survivors in North America. With her trusty canine companion and an unexpected addition to her entourage, Emily battles her way west and eventually north, trusting that salvation lies at a remote station, on an island off the Alaskan shore.


Jones descriptions of the alien phenomena left me spellbound and frightened. One of the most common complaints revolved around the exhaustive descriptions.

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I think that Mr. Jones took this criticism to heart and made an excellent adjustment to the style he has adopted for the series. Exodus similarly benefited from an improved flow.

I eagerly await the launch of the third and final book in the series, my only complaint being that I would like to read it now. The Caretakers are dead, destroyed by the revelation of their long-ago corruption at the hands of a mysterious alien race. But Earth and its human survivors are still not free; the alien scourge that brought about so much calamity to the planet are coming to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Standing between them and their prize is Emily Baxter and the ragtag remnants of the human race. With the help of new allies, Emily must journey from the frozen island of Svalbard back to Point Loma to confront Sylvia Valentine, the woman who tried to have her murdered. But all is not as Emily expected, and she finds a very different Point Loma than the one she escaped; the enemy has arrived and the harvest of the planet's resources has begun.

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Now Emily, Rhiannon, Mac, and Thor will face their greatest challenge yet, as they and the other survivors confront the creatures responsible for unleashing the Caretakers on their planet.