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Many of the components wheels, handles, mirrors, windows, headlights, etc have functional layers adapted to their required application. The impact of surface treatments and thin films in modern countries is reflected in the continuous establishment of new industries, technical centers and research groups wanting to cover the needs of such big market. In fact, within the mechanical and decorative coating industries, there are dozens of companies, which have been established within the last ten years.

Thus, surface treatments engineering is a technological field of continuous growth.

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Some examples of recent innovations are given in the following:. Sectors That Benefit:. Technological Areas. Organization Committee. Working Groups. Current Workshops. Past Workshops.

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What is clear, however, is the lack of focus on manufacturing capability readiness levels. Without a world-class capability in coatings application, we will continue to face fierce competition from overseas. The manufacturing capability readiness level MCRL is a measure developed in the USA to assess the maturity of manufacturing stages, similar to how technology readiness levels are used. MCRLs are quantitative measures used to assess the maturity of a given technology, component or system from a manufacturing perspective. They are used to provide decision makers at all levels with a common understanding of the relative maturity and attendant risks associated with manufacturing technologies, products, and processes being considered.

The biggest consumers by value of surface engineering are the high-value manufacturing industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive and energy.

When comparing modern manufacturing philosophies, such as Industry 4. The Surface Engineering Leadership Forum SELF was established in late to help meet the challenges of modern surface engineering by helping to build a robust and resilient ecosystem capable of sustaining rapid future growth and increased productivity. SELF intends to address the imbalance in manufacturing readiness levels and is leading the industry through a move towards digital manufacturing via the transformational change programme. This initiative describes the journey starting from Match Fit, where a present-day coatings manufacture has engaged with modern manufacturing principles, primarily in order to:.

The second stage of the journey describes Best in Class, where the coatings manufacturer has effectively plugged the digital gap. This stage demonstrates a high degree of cyber-physical integration and the cost barriers, issues of network infrastructure and maintenance associated with the adoption of the IIoT have been overcome.

The final stage of the journey is World Class.

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Recognised by the government as one of the 22 enabling technologies required to meet the UK Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges, surface engineering and advanced coatings is an important and integral part of everyday life. The Surface Engineering Leadership Forum has been established to help deliver a strong, robust and resilient ecosystem for the surface engineering and coatings community, which is key to rapid growth. This journey is mapped out through the Transformational Change.

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Welting, Jacobus J. Arts, Geert H. Walenkamp and Pieter J. By Eric M.

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Garcia, Vanessa F. Lins and Tulio Matencio. Abdel-Karim and A. By Paulo S. This is made possible by the EU reverse charge method. Edited by Mahmood Aliofkhazraei. Published: May 22nd DOI: Emans Open access peer-reviewed 4.

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