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Americans celebrate freedom as a national right and immortalize its twin sister liberty in the glorious statue that many of our ancestors saw as they came to this country. For me, the great-great grandson of enslaved Africans, freedom is a cherished gift long withheld from those in my familial lineage.

It is a goal long sought by my ancestors, one attained only at the high cost of shed blood and spent lives. It is a goal that echoes in the rich baritone of Martin Luther King Jr. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. The freedom he sought was liberation from a legal system that infringed upon personal liberties, creating a bondage to the law, so to speak.

No Longer Slaves: Galatians and African American Experience

The forms of bondage from which Paul sought to escape were ethnically sensitive and prescribed certain restrictions and benefits for some Jews while imposing no obligation on others gentiles. Freedom is a core value grounded in the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; yet the concept evolved through time. Freedom of speech has come to mean that we can say whatever we feel, no matter if it is right or kind or even fair—without threat of reprisals. The Klan has employed the right to freedom of assembly for more than a century to legitimate its rallies celebrating their hatred of and terrorist activities toward African Americans, Jewish Americans and Latino immigrants.

We cite freedom to legitimize bad behavior. But is this the freedom that Paul sought? Paul spoke of freedom from the law— release not just from a law thought to be burdensome, but from a law that had proven ultimately ineffective for establishing right relationship with God.

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  6. Liberation: Rationales and Definitions,? Blackness: Biology and Ideology,? African American Biblical Interpretation.? Chapters in A Reading Strategy for Liberation are?

    Study Guide for Galatians 1 by David Guzik

    Chapters in Galatians and African American Experience are? Historical Overview,? Includes a bibliobraphy.? In No Longer Slaves, one finds an informed theologian at work using the critical tools of biblical interpretation with academic freshness and insight.? Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society?.


    Theology Digest? Brad Braxton?

    1. Ten Years inside Shelton Prison: Finding Freedom.
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    3. David Guzik :: Study Guide for Galatians 1.
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    5. The meaning of past struggles is informed in the process of engaging with contemporary Afro-American reality. It is a major contribution to biblical interpretation.? Brad Braxton reads Paul?

      What Is the False Gospel in Galatians?

      This approach is one more excellent example that offers new ways to interpret the biblical text from the vantage point of specific social locations. Though dealing with sophisticated questions of interpretation, Braxton? Catholic Library World? No Longer Slaves is an outstanding work. It is well written, scholarly, and cogently argued. Braxton walks a fine line between scholar and black preacher, as, on the one hand, the book exhibits an excellent grasp of the history of scholarship on Galatians, while, on the other, it proclaims a message of liberation pertinent to the black church.

      Braxton is to be commended for this work. New Testament exegetes, clergy, and interested lay persons will each find something of value in this small volume.? Review of Biblical Literature.