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Interestingly, Martin actually wrote a children's book called The Ice Dragon in , telling the story of a girl named Adara born during a long winter and who befriended an ice dragon. When it was republished with a new cover in , book publisher Tor described this as being "set in the world of the New York Times best-selling series A Song of Ice and Fire. It appears this description is inaccurate, however, despite the way it aligns with tales of ice dragons told in Game of Thrones.

So what does that make the Night King's new undead dragon pal?

Like the giants he brought back from the dead are giant wights, not ice giants, we would classify Viserion in the same category. Of course, it seems unlikely Game of Thrones the TV series will ever introduce a true ice dragon, so it could be that Viserion took on some of the Night King's frigid powers in his transformation. As we only saw his eye flick open at the end of the episode, it's unclear -- though very likely -- that Viserion will now be breathing icy blasts instead of fiery ones. Game of Thrones: "Beyond the Wall" Photos. Artboard 3 Copy. Artboard 3. His death, by the way, came at the sharp edge of Ice itself, as it was used, in a moment of ironic insult, to behead him at the Great Sept of Baelor.

Jaime gifted the sword to Brienne in support of her quest to keep her promise to the late Catelyn Stark and her daughters. She named it Oathkeeper - a name that would prove to be good luck as both Stark girls are currently home and Stannis Baratheon lies rotting in the woods somewhere. Since then, Longclaw has seen the most action of any Valyrian blade on the series.

Its most triumphant display though was when it obliterated a White Walker during the Battle of Hardhome. Despite those words, Sam makes off with the sword when he and Gilly leave Horn Hill in the middle of the night, bringing the sword with him to the Citadel in Oldtown for further study.

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 05, Sherry Westendorf rated it it was amazing. First of all I love this author's books. They are always well written and fun to read. He is an ice dragon and a middle brother. He has found his mate, but she is so hurt that he has to be patient. She wants to start a bakery and it is his way of being close to her so he lends her the money. But in comes a crime boss and ramps up the problems. Can they straighten this out and get their HEA? I highly recommend it. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.

Apr 05, Cassie rated it it was amazing Shelves: dragon , hea , kindle-unlimited , paranormal , romance , shifter. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Ivore was always the middle brother, who was determined to prove he was better. Violet is determined that anyone who gets close to her is going to get hurt.

The Ice Dragon

The heart wants what it wants. Will Violet be able to open her heart to Ivore? Will Ivore be able to pull Violet out of the past? Loved these two. I loved how cocky Ivore was, but when it came to Violet he was so gentle and determined to prove his love.

Dragon Vs Dragon Battles - What the past of Dragons means for Game of Thrones Season 8

I didn't blame Violet for being scared after what happened in the past, but loved seeing h Ivore was always the middle brother, who was determined to prove he was better. I didn't blame Violet for being scared after what happened in the past, but loved seeing her come out of her shell.

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Great read and cannot wait for the last Ice Dragon book! Apr 06, Darlene Dupee rated it it was amazing. He is in Andria's bar when a sweet intoxicated smell catches him off guard. He know who it belongs to and he know what it has set him on a hunt to locate it.. But when she goes to go through the door to the bar she run straight into Ivore.

She has met him once before when she tried to help save Cowl. Violet is a little skidding around Ivore.

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She has secrets that are vest left hidden. Her past comes barreling into the present. Can Ivore and Violet survive the nightmare known as Richard Malkin? But Malkin let's a piece of info slip now the brothers have to figure out can they? Please join me by either buying or borrowing this book and remember to leave a review. Apr 10, Busybeth76 rated it it was amazing. Even then the reader knew something was up with them, but Violet has to be convinced.

Dragon Rebellion (Ice Dragons #3) by Amelia Jade

She carries a great deal of guilt from her tragic past. She believes her past prevents her from having a happy future. Ivore is determined to prove to her that he is her future. The escapades they make their way through are unexpected, yet necessary to the plot. Ivore is smart, brilliant with his fighting skills and extremely patient.

But when you've waited two hundred and fifty years to find your mate, what's a few more weeks? It's actually lovely how caring and patient Ivore is with the psychologically damaged Violet.

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Of course it helps that he is helping her with money he does love treasure, and she needs it for her dream and food he does love to eat, and she loves to bake. So he patiently and dramatically proves to Violet how perfect they are for each other. Great love story that doles out just a bit more insight to the Outsiders mystery. May 01, Susan Otto rated it it was amazing. Unfortunately, humans can't fight effectively against the Outsiders. So they resort to awakenings sleeping dragons in their quest to finding Fighters Against The Outsiders. Ivore is one of the three brothers who were awaken ice dragons.

He is searching for his mate and helps her with her problems. The plug is different from all the other books in the series but still has elements common to all books. It is interesting to follow the various dragons and their mates as they battled The Outsiders. Each Standalone is unique but still part of a series.

I like how they adapt to modern society. I will continue with The Outsiders when new books come along. Apr 05, L M rated it really liked it. Though I enjoyed reading this, the majority of this book was slow to me, very little action or relationship was developing and I found it easy to put down and read something else.

I think if Violet had gotten close to Ivore earlier it would have made this story more enjoyable for me. I get so annoyed with this happening as it adds nothing to the story for me. I am not sure why she was suffering such guilt over an accident. I found that hard to understand. I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review but read it through KU.

Apr 05, S Allred rated it it was amazing. Ivore the middle brother of three Ice dragons newly awakened from a 6 hundred year frozen nap has been trying to talk his brothers into leaving Barton City and the militaries fight with the Outsiders behind, but then he meets his mate and everyting changes. To get close to her and try to get to know her Ivore desides to help her acomplish her dream of having a cupecake shop by leanding her the moneyfor it. Besides after tasting some ok, eating over a dozen he thinks they could sell and mke the Ivore the middle brother of three Ice dragons newly awakened from a 6 hundred year frozen nap has been trying to talk his brothers into leaving Barton City and the militaries fight with the Outsiders behind, but then he meets his mate and everyting changes.

Only 1 hitch, the local crime lord wants payback for the death of his son's, and he blames Ivore and his brothers, So between trying to get to know Violet, who is trying to keep him at arms length, trying to help her get her business started, he has to do a bit of battle with the bad guy.

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I read and reviewed this book as a voluntary ARC. Jul 14, Ski Croghan rated it it was amazing. Dragons ,, dragons and more dragons Ivore wants Violet,. Violet wants to be left alone to wallow in her self-imposed guilt trip. Which one will get their way? Neither or either? Violet wants to open her own cupcake shop, Ivore wants to help her.

After all she is his mate. But she doesn't know that, she doesn't even know that he's a dragon shifter!!! A very bad man is after her and she's keeping secrets from him. What will happen when Violet's secret comes out? Will Ivore be able too accept Dragons ,, dragons and more dragons Will Ivore be able too accept her after that? To find the answers to these and more questions you need to read this the 2nd book in the Onyx Dragons sub-series.

Highly recommended. Apr 16, Valerie rated it it was amazing. This was another awesome book in the series. Ivore finally figured out what it was about Violet that attracts him. She is his mate. Violet has a secret she hasn't told anyone. It keeps her from wanting to be with anyone.

She has a dream for her life but not she if she deserves it. When Ivore offers her a chance at the dream, she goes for it.

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  • Not wanting anything else. There's an obstacle the will test everything about their business deal and relationship. Ivore is my hero. He's everything women wou This was another awesome book in the series. He's everything women would want in a man. I loved this book. It wasn't just love story, there's also a great level of intrigue to it.