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Still Me Romance. Cress Fiction , Science Fiction.

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I AM Legend Horror. A Monster Calls Fiction , Horror. The Fellowship of the Ring Classics. The Return of the King Classics. The Hobbit Classics. A Thousand Splendid Suns Classics. Bloody Bones Lastest chapter: Page Down London Road Lastest chapter: Page Look at movie rating of the book before you scroll down. But I still try to keep it tame, lol. Enigmatic billionaire Jeremiah Hamilton plucked twenty-four year old Lucy Delacourt from an existence spiraling down into darkness.

Seduced and brought into the extravagant lifestyle of the rich and powerful, Lucy was swept up into the highest highs, and experienced dangerous lows, but always there was her billionaire protector. Safe in his arms, she thought for sure her life had finally found the right track. Lucas Hamilton, known in darker company as Loki, is an arms dealer and Jeremiah's brother. He needs Lucy for his own purposes, but makes it no secret that he wants to get back at his brother any way he can for stealing the family empire.

Dangerous outside forces seem intent on taking the proud and wealthy New York family down. I rolled my eyes, the last vestiges of sympathy burning away.

I pulled back a step and came up flush against the wall between the bathroom and bedroom doors. Lucas pushed forward, far too close for my comfort, and I put a hand against his chest to keep him back. The scar across his nose and cheek only served to accentuate his features. The smell of expensive wine was like faint cologne, not at all the cloying odor I would have expected. Beneath my hand, I felt the play of muscles beneath warm skin and silk, and I swallowed.

His fingers pushed a strand of hair out of my face, running along my brow, and I shivered. I pressed back against the wall and he followed, my hand the only thing keeping him at bay. Warm breath flowed against my cheek. And fearless.

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Is that what my brother saw? Instead of offending me, his words created a jumble in my head. I stared fixedly at his shoulder, refusing to meet his gaze. His other hand came up to caress my shoulder. The touch burned down my arm, leaving a white-hot trail across my skin, and the hand holding him away weakened its hold, allowing him to press closer. Certainly that more than anything left me confused about how to respond. When the back of his hand slid down my neck and across one shoulder, I trembled, my belly clenching. Remember Anya, part of me whispered. I leaned my head back against the wall as another hand glide across my collarbone, the touch feather light.

My eyes fluttered shut, giving in to the fragile grace of skin on skin. My family was gone; I was alone in the world. After that, my existence was a struggle to survive, to stay one step ahead of homelessness. Jeremiah Hamilton had Lucas leaned his forehead against mine, and as I opened my eyes I saw full lips mere inches from mine. Looking up into blue-green eyes with dark lashes rimming and accentuating the color, I felt my insides melt. Then he leaned forward, warm lips pressing against mine. There was no demand to the kiss, so for a moment I did nothing. He sucked on my lower lip, grazing the soft flesh with When I felt the first dart of his tongue however, my lips parted of their own accord, instinctively allowing him access.

My hand on his torso, which had kept him at bay before, gripped tightly at the dark silk, pulling him against my body. If I thought the soft seduction was all Lucas had, his sudden hunger surprised me. Pressing me hard against the wall, his mouth burned across my lips, and I gave a small sigh.

A hand slid around the small of my back, pulling me against his body as the kiss deepened, his tongue teasing me, encouraging me to be a bit bolder. It had the desired effect. I slid my arms around his neck, arching up to him, opening my Hands curling through his longer hair, I moaned into his mouth, fingers dancing down along his ears and across the rough stubble on his jaw.

I reveled in his touch, wanting everything suddenly, wanting… Jeremiah. Guilt stabbed me through the heart, the effect like a bucket of ice water over me.

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I broke off the kiss with a gasp. My body seemed content to continue what was happening now, while my brain pleaded with me to end this. I rolled my head sideways, and caught the image of the blonde Russian woman staring at me from the framed picture. Lucas stopped what he was doing, then stumbled back, staring down at me for a moment. The swipe of cold air that swept across me in his absence made me shiver, and suddenly tears threatened to overwhelm me.

His eyes followed mine down to the picture beside us, and emotion twisted his face. He stumbled sideways, wrenching the door open beside us, then disappeared around the frame. I slammed the door behind him, bolting it shut, and dove back into the bed. My heart hurt badly, and tears streamed down my face as I tried to drown out the world around me.

I should have given you a chance to e x pl ai n… Explain what though? How did this happen to me? I wondered, the events of the day racing through my mind. What madness have I gotten myself into? Jolted awake, I scrabbled at my sheets, groping for the edge of the bed. The ground was further away than I thought, and I stumbled but managed to stay upright as I ran to the door.

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Ripping it open, I immediately smelled smoke, and raced toward the stairs, not knowing what to expect. Lucas peered up at me from the kitchen. Sunglasses covered his eyes, but he gave me a bright smile. Care for some? Setting the chrome appliance back onto the counter, he moved toward the refrigerator. He Shaking my head, my gaze travelled to the living room and my eyes widened in shock. I redecorated. One chair was lying on its side, several paintings had been dislodged from the wall, and the wood coffee table had been flipped onto its top.

Nothing looked broken as far as I could tell. It was a mess, but fixable. Eying it dubiously, I kept my mouth shut and avoided the room as I tugged on one of the Sitting at the bar and keeping the granite surface between me and my far too chipper captor, I pulled the toaster toward me and peered inside. As the last vestiges of sleep left my system, I sobered up.

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His reaction now confirmed my suspicion: the knuckles around the spatula in his hand whitened and he sighed. They requested everything be expedited, so everything is happening today. I sagged in relief. Behind Lucas, the first tendrils of smoke wafted from the pan. I motioned toward the oven.

He quickly switched on the exhaust fan as smoke billowed out from the fry pan, but it was too late. Five seconds later, the fire alarm went off again, and Lucas cursed again. The whole scene was comical, and I bit my lip to keep from smiling, to no avail. My mood much lighter since I was set to be freed soon, I pushed back the stool and rounded the corner into the kitchen.

A quick check of the pantry and refrigerator gave me the tools I needed. Two minutes later I was whisking together some batter. And you are hereby banished from the kitchen. Lucas exited the vehicle first and I followed behind, staying as close to him as I could. My only comfort was that, after this part, I was done. I had no clue where we were.

Any hope of Jeremiah swooping in to rescue me died a slow Niall and his men were standing ahead, with a large ship sitting in the water down a short pier behind them. The ship was old. Lines of rust ran down from between the plates and rivets holding the hull together.

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It looked like at one time it may have been a fishing boat, with the bulk of its storage in the belly. If it was here, I doubted that was its use any longer. And if you want my help getting Niall grunted. The Make sure extra accommodations are prepared. The big Australian jerked to a stop, rage and sudden fear making his face go florid as he glared at Lucas. Delacourt stays with me.

Do I make myself clear, Mr. Behind him, his men had their guns trained on Lucas and me. I prayed the gunrunner knew what he was doing. When Lucas The blond man stepped back and Lucas lowered the weapon, although it remained trained on the other man. Much of it looked like a walking tetanus trap, despite obvious attempts at whitewashing and other paint jobs. The boat dipped and swayed, rocking in the turbulent winter waters. As we rounded the main part of the ship, a cabin door loomed into the darkness. Men were hard at work moving crates around on the bottom floor.

Stairs and metal gangways wound around the open area, leading to different levels. Our staircase was long, running all the way to the cargo hold below. Lucas let me down We passed several doors on the left before Lucas pushed one open, gesturing me inside. The room was in much better condition than the rest of the ship. While small, it still had a queen size bed, a couple pieces of furniture and, to my relief, its own bathroom. He ran a hand through his hair, the only indication that he was agitated. Like his brother, his face was hard to read, for once lacking its normal cocky grin.

He paused and looked at me. She thought the danger was romantic. Collapsing backw ards onto the hard mattress, I grabbed a pillow from above my head and covered my face. Oh, what a mess my life had become! Only a month I was still lying there several minutes later, staring at the wood ceiling, when I felt the jolt of the ship taking off. Now that we were moving and away from the shore, the rocking surf grew more pronounced. I was okay so far, but decided it was better safe than sorry and headed to the bathroom to chew a tablet.

Spartan and threadbare, almost everything in the room was either bolted down or braced, which made sense for a seafaring vessel. Even the shelf nearby had a tall lip to keep the books from flying free, and I peeked through the titles. Interesting selection, I thought, thumbing through the various titles, and then I abandoned that area to look around some more. A single picture sat on the narrow When I tried to pick it up, I realized it was glued to the surface ,so I leaned forward to peer closely. It was impossible to tell just how old the picture was, but I hazarded a guess that the two boys were Lucas and Jeremiah Hamilton.

There were no smiles on their faces, but the way they stood close to one another spoke of a bond that had apparently broken at some point between then and now. Rolling my eyes and blowing out a quick breath, I unbolted the door and opened it to see Lucas standing in the doorway. I sent a man to pick up something in your size last night. Besides, this is my Hopefully I greased the right palms this time.

Letting out a frustrated groan, I locked it behind him, determined to keep it closed the next time he knocked. Then I went and grabbed a book, resigning myself to boredom. An indeterminate amount of time later, there came a knock at the door. I flipped the page, ignoring whoever was at the door.

Another rap at the door, this one louder, had me rolling my eyes and putting the book down on the bed. My stomach rumbled at the mention, and I quickly unbolted the locks. Lucas stood in the entrance, a tray in his hand. The polite question startled me, and I shrugged. Smells reached my nose, making my mouth water, and I trailed after him as he set the tray on the dresser. I trust my men not to touch you, but Niall brought along a number of his own guards. She liked the attention.

The food was decent and fairly healthy, even if the green beans were flavored with bacon fat. Lucas seemed lost in thought, which gave me a rare moment to just watch him. Somber I found it hard to believe Lucas was older than Jeremiah. The man before me was slimmer and shorter than his ex- Army brother, but had the same features and dark coloring. The pale scar along his face stood out against the olive skin, differentiating him from his brother more than anything else. It amazed me how different the two men were. He held a different type of mask in place, one that I found hard to pierce.

As much as I enjoyed puzzles, the Hamilton men were a bit out of my league. They certainly had that in common too. To my surprise, Lucas shook his head. The memory killed my appetite, and I pushed the plate of food across the bed. Lucas picked up the book off the bed, leafing through the pages.

The art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Those blue-green eyes dipped lower, looking at my mouth. Suddenly shy, I broke off our gaze and rolled sideways off the bed. I puffed out a breath, exasperated. Pushing the clothes to the ground in a heap beside the bed, I flopped back onto the mattress, staring at the ceiling. This is going I flopped an arm sideways and was relieved to find myself alone in the bed. Pulling the sheets from my body, I paused when I heard a faint snort coming from the middle of the room. Crawling quietly across the bed, I peeked over the edge and saw Lucas lying on the ground, fast asleep.

The dim light still managed to outline his shape and I bit my lip to keep from smiling. The man was lying spread-eagle on the floor, taking up as much space as he could. The blankets he had used for cover and padding were twisted around his slim body, and from the amount of skin showing… Blushing, I rolled over in the bed, not wanting to discover I waited a moment before pulling the sheets from around my body, moving as quietly as I could out of bed and onto my feet.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I locked myself inside the bathroom and quickly changed clothes, washing my face and pulling my frazzled hair back into a quick ponytail. Peeking out of the bathroom, I moved as quietly as I could toward the door, slipping into my shoes and a wool pea coat, then snuck out of the bedroom. From far below I heard someone cough, and there was a low din of voices coming from nearby. I tentatively made my way along the metal ground, moving toward the voices.

The last room door was open, and as I poked my head inside all talking ceased. A roomful of large men stared at me. Cafeteria, my mind registered, but the rest of me froze. I tried to speak but nothing would come out, so I just waved. That seemed to break the silence, and they turned back to their meals as I pulled my head back out of the doorway. Lucy, I thought, you are such a ninny. Deciding against going downstairs, I headed towards the upper deck and had to The w i nd blew across the deck something fierce, the deck beneath my feet bucking and diving.

Ocean spray filled the air, covering me with a fine layer of mist within seconds. Pulling my coat tight around me, I held tightly to the thin railing alongside the ship, watching the ocean heave around me. I was the only one foolish enough to be outside this early in the morning. While that meant I had the deck to myself, I could Looking around, I noticed another entrance atop the deck and, staying close to the walls, made my way to the door. Pulling it open, I got a draft of warm air across my frozen nose, and quickly hustled inside.

The steps here led upwards, and I climbed them hesitantly, peeking to see who was inside. Voices mumbled overhead, and I poked my head above floor level to see two men sitting in stools bolted to the floor, looking out of windows lining the dash. I recognized the captain from yesterday, but not the man beside him.

Both had the same look about The captain gestured for me to come up.