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You were staring across the room gazing at each other. From that moment on my heart was hard as stone. You made me realize that I was meant to be alone. I stumble from bar to bar drinking the pain away. So now I walk towards the only place I know. Remember the cliff we used to dive? Remember the water that made us feel so alive? Remember the salt, the sea and the sand?

Remember the way you used to hold my hand? Why are we so afraid to fall in love? Is it the hurt, the heartbreak, or not being enough? Why are we so afraid to even try? To take a risk, to jump to soar, to fly? Just like you and I, we were never meant to be. Cold and sweet was your middle name. Just like ice cream you tasted the same. But as the sun shined you melted in my hand. You were just a temporary satisfaction, another grain in the sand.

Take down your walls and leave your door open.

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Why did you leave me in the dark in an empty space with a broken heart? With lips so soft and skin so pale, how could anyone hurt such a fragile thing? With eyes so bright and a body so frail how could you even leave someone hanging? I got lost and confused as I navigated my way. Not even in the nearest train station.

Red and shiny, a temptation. One bite, a contemplation. Poison strikes, a toxic creation. It was always so tough for me to see you this way. When things got rough you never asked me to stay. I packed all my stuff and finally walked away. Shots of whiskey bottles of beers Margaritas and martinis toasts and cheers. Behind smiles and laughter are the pain and sorrows drinking the night away and forgetting tomorrow. Light and I play hide and seek. In the mornings, Light always peeks through the curtains and windows it shines I cover my face the brightness it blinds.

My blankets and pillows conceal me from being found.

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And slowly light fades no words, no sounds. You are like my morning coffee. A thought when I wake up and my energy for the rest of the day. Every warm sip I take touches my soul.

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It ignites a spark that keeps me going. Before I fall asleep, all I can think about is how I get to drink you in again, and taste your warm touch that soothes my body. As the sunset-colored sky fades and the stars sprinkle the heavens, the moon peaks out to take a look at the wonderful sight it sees. It casts a faint light over the earth as it moves to comfort the dark.

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Its glow reflects on the water and illuminates the streets and cities. It balances the contrasts it makes so that there will be no absence of light and no consuming darkness. But as dawn arrives, the moon will disappear into the light fading into white, gray, then blue.

I sleep every morning to let sun shine. He loves me, he loves me not. These petals falling are soon to rot. But as I circle this flower delicate and sweet. I hope I pick the one which tells me you love me.

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The coldness of winter would turn my nose red. It made my cheeks burn, it made me blush he said. Your eyes were like galaxies big, dark and round. I have made some discoveries, some still waiting to be found. In another dimension, we might not be the ones. Waves in the ocean, clashing waters.

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Fish in the sea chasing rivers. Fire from a match barely flickers. You and I the best of lovers. We were quiet for quite some time. The dead silence was a perfect time to realize I was yours and you were mine. Before you, I was clay. But you molded me into the person I am today.


Standing here with beauty and grace. Before you, I was a blank canvas. No lines, no shades, no hues. But when you came along you turned my whites into yellows, greens and blues. A needle and thread were partners in crime.

I straighten your tie as you take in my dress. I apply my make up with only you to impress. Last night was amazing laying under the stars. As we lay there gazing looking for Mars. I was looking at the sky but you were staring at me. The freckles across my face resembled constellations we could see. You traced them with your finger naming the ones you knew. You saw the Big Dipper and even the little one too. Our bare skin reminds me of every touch. Your hand in mine reminds me of how you held me. Your lips on my shoulder reminds me of every kiss.

Your words and whispers remind me of every promise and praise. The look in your eyes show all you have to say. Pull back your bow and aim at his heart. I'm new here on steemit and still looking around and getting the feel of it. Two thumbs up for the poem! The last line is the turning point. I believe there is, a time in our life, this awesome someone that Love has failed over and over and just gave up on love completely. I'm not really sure that's what the poem meant but that's what makes wrinting fun right?

Creating a piece that the readers can relate to. I myself am fond of reading and writing and it's such a good thing seeing these posts - the content and the construction of ideas - here in steemit. Glad to have met your blog! Hi welcome to steemit. I am from Cebu also, particularly Lapu2x. Hope you enjoy your time here in this amazing place. Everyone is welcome here!

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