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Fane Linford, the banished son of an English earl, joined Richard's crusade only to find himself a captive in a hellish eastern prison. He survived the years of torment, it's rumored, because of the love of a Saracen courtesan. The rumors are true. And when he sees Rexana dance, Richard has promised Fane an English bride, yet he desires only one woman—the exotic dancer who tempted him. Then he discovers the dancer's identity.

And learns her brother is in his dungeon, accused of plotting against the throne. It is more temptation than Fane can resist. The last thing Rexana wants is marriage to the dark and brooding Sheriff of Warringham. But her brother is his prisoner, and there may be only one way to save him. Taking the greatest chance of her life, Rexana becomes the sheriff's bride.

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Feb 02, Eryn rated it liked it. Enjoyable, quick romance. Writing was good but not great, storyline was a little silly in places, and the characters were mostly likeable but didn't have a great deal of depth. The female lead also made rash, stupid decisions and I was disappointed that she ended up being correct.

What I liked most about this book was actually the time period and the language used. It annoyed me a little at first, and I honestly have no idea how accurate it was, but I enjoyed it. If I could, this book would be 2 Enjoyable, quick romance. If I could, this book would be 2.

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Aug 12, Linda rated it liked it. OK for a 1 time read but largely forgettable. Tangston Keep, England, Lady Rexana Villeaux has to come up with a plan to save her younger brother from disaster. With the help of her servants, she disguises herself as a Medieval style exotic dancer. She goes to the keep of Fane Linford the Sherriff of Warringham.

Her goal is to seduce him and steal the paper she needs to clear her brothers name, then slip out into the night with no one the wiser. However, her plan fails. Fane figures Rexana was the dancer at his gathering and blac Tangston Keep, England, Lady Rexana Villeaux has to come up with a plan to save her younger brother from disaster.

Fane figures Rexana was the dancer at his gathering and blackmails her into becoming his wife. She reluctantly accepts. Fane is the sheriff, appointed by the king. He fought during the crusades and took a liking to the culture of the "savages. All the while, fight against who is right when it comes to Rexana's brother.

Is he a traitor to the crown or is he being set up?


There were some confusing parts and small inconsistencies to the book. Even mistakes. There was a time when Rexana was supposed to leave on horseback but then in the next paragraph she's back with Fane. The author added in a lot of tension for the reader. Rexana and Fane really liked making each other suffer and the reader gets a first class seat to see what they do to each other.

The author took her time in setting up a bond between the two characters. When they first marry, Rexana doesn't trust Fane at all. So the author created time where the characters get to know each other and form a sort of friendship and trust. But trust is fleeting as Rexana tries to save her brother, which means she has to go against Fane.

It was a lot of back and forth with these two. Since the fabulous 'Flatley Revolution' of Irish dance there have been many successor shows, some of them very good and very successful on the world stage, launching many wonderful dancers to stardom. There have been shows that look back to tradition, and shows that are essentially dance reviews, and a few that have undertaken to follow a drama theme. With Dance of Desire, here is a show with everything: colour and light, wonderful original music, clever dramatic content, and incredible dancing that truly pushes the boundaries of choreography and fuses Irish dance seamlessly with Flamenco, Latin American, Middle Eastern, ballet and ballroom styles, with a few acrobatics thrown in.

Added to the dazzling dance content and a strongly portrayed storyline, Dance of Desire also has a unique soundtrack composed entirely of original music, none of it even remotely based on existing traditional Irish music. Eric Cunningham, co-Executive Producer with Michael Carr, directed the show as well as composing and arranging the music. He is a remarkable talent, still amazingly young and with a very exciting future.

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Click here for our Celtic Cafe interview with him. Musically highly educated, Cunningham has fused the traditional with a strongly modern rock-pop style reminiscent of the genius of Ronan Hardiman , and for his special contribution he has composed songs with lyrics that tell parts of the story. Instead of merely providing musical interludes, the singer, Susan McFadden, is an integral and vital part of the show. The words of her songs are pivotal to the story, as she 'speaks' for or to one or other of the characters. I love this development, although I foresee difficulty when the show travels: it is tricky enough for a native English speaker to catch every word of the lyrics, and foreign ears are bound to miss a lot.

The programme book does provide some of the lyrics, but of course few people even see the programme until well after the performance, which is a pity. Since he broke open the new world in Irish show dancing, Michael Flatley has always said he hoped and believed that the next wave of dancers would come along and take it further into the future and extend the creativity.

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Daire and Cian Nolan, the two Limerick brothers so loved and acclaimed by all who saw them in Michael's shows, were primary choreographers, and Cian in the role of King Lir was one of the principal dancers at the show's preview performances. Daire and Cian are no longer actively involved in the production nor the company. And Lord knows, Irish Celtic myths need that, each one seems to be more dastardly and gloomy than the last! The show also uses artistic license to good effect, altering the time frame of the legend so that King Lir lives to see justice done and the fairy tale come right , and offering us extra romantic intrigue.

This story has it all: the wicked Queen Aoife is deliciously acted and danced by Lisa Anderson, while the regal and benevolent King Lir, a very difficult role, has been growing successfully, interpreted by different dancers see below. The supporting cast for most of the summer included the spectacular Clare Casey, who stands out in any troupe, and many other highest quality dancers, some with extensive show experience, including several Lord of the Dance veterans.

Now she blossoms in Dance of Desire, shining in all of the different roles she has danced in the show, ending up taking the role of Queen Aoife as Lisa takes a well-earned break. Popular Movies 1.

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Sexy Beast 2. Independence Day 3. Yankee Doodle Dandy 4. Jaws 6. Bohemian Rhapsody 7. Into The Blue. Popular Celebrities 1. Cameron Boyce 2. Poppy Montgomery 3. Cara Buono 4. Tyler Perry 5. John Wayne 6.