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On the way his troops fell in with a party of sixty Indians, 'all of whom they slew and took'. One of the prisoners was a 'young sprightly fellow', whom his captors, the Mohegans, were allowed to put to death after their own savage fashion.

“Electronic Folklore” Artists Blend Traditional Music & Contemporary Sounds

The claim of the 19 enemy may have been from "Hubbard's Indian Wars", edition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For the American comedian, see Sam Hyde. The Old Farmer and His Almanack.

The Eagle and the Moon - Native American Legend / Myth / Folklore

Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press. Heroism of Hannah Duston. Boston, Mass: B. Our Western Border.

Volcano Folklore

Chicago, Il: Educational Company. Events In Indian History. Lancaster, Pa: G. Narrative of the Indian Wars in New England Stockbridge, Mass: Heman Willard.

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Mythologies of the indigenous peoples of the Americas

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Folklore in the Digital Age

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