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Then I went to the next. It was Body and Soul. More or less, of course. That night changed my approach to jazz. We must know standards, specially from the divas. Jazz musicians started playing over chord changes, without the melody, more or less at the time of Body and Soul Coleman Hawkins, the sax player, recorded two versions and composed a song on the chord changes. Rainbow Mist.

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So you must know standards for this reason, too. I understand your point. I was, too, as I told you. Now you have YouTube, search for the song. Imagine how lucky you are to have the internet. You can hear almost any song you want at YouTube. I hope you will love the song. This lesson is very good! My congratulations to the teacher! Then Rhapsody is written.

Must of sounded way out, new, modern…the jazzy harmonic language and pace of the big city rhythms.. I just think you do a great work buddy!!! Thanks for another GREAT lesson, my comping has come a long way thanks to this site and your lessons. Thanks a lot but perhaps too hard for me, I have to work for months before it rings acceptable…. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from all of these comping lessons and continue to find new to me chordal and lead line ideas for these kind of jazz chord progressions.

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Thank you so much for shortening my learning curve in this jazz guitar journey! I love the etude, so much that I immediately bought the ebook, but I just realized the Misty study was not there… Any way to download it other than just printing the web page? Dirk, thank you for sharing this very good arrangement ,and as usual played extremely competently and smoothly presented and congratulations btw for now exceeding the 40k membership.

You, Matt and the moderators must be doing it right!

5 Jazz Standards Arranged For Guitar Chord-Melody

Great sound Dirk! I just started learning this last week. I was doing the version straight out of the real book. Do you think I should get the original version down first before tackling this one. Hey, if you are just starting out, then maybe learn the melody first, then tackle this study. If you have the melody in your ears it will help hear these chord changes and get this study under your fingers. Thanks for your efforts. Great stuff…I have taken lessons and I have more instructional materials than the Library of Congress. Finally some good guidance that works for me. BTW…this Misty study gives me great incentive to work with your arpeggios book.

More of the same, please!!!!

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Man this is amazing! It would be cool to see another one that is one step up in complexity… so we can see how a solo can develop by adding different elements. Then another step up etc. Thanks for all the help and inspiration! One of my favorite jazz guitar songs that I play for myself and others during live performances.

Thanks Matt. Are all the etudes in this book this musical as the example of Misty? I have too many arpeggio etudes that sound like etudes. This is absolutely great. The book can wait. I have a question: In measure 17 you play a change on the last chord that is not in the transcription. In that measure you play a Bbm9, and just before the Eb7 b9 arp in measure 18 you hit another chord that sounds so cool. It sounds like a Cm, or maybe G maj. Am I hearing this correctly? I would love to know what that is.

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Best regards and Thanks!! I improvise a couple of choruses, listen to it, keep the interesting parts and think about how I can make the parts that are not so interesting better from a pedagogic point of view. Thanks for explaining Dirk. I bought the arpeggio book so hopefully some day improvising with arpeggios will be easy for me too!

Hi Dirk, Related to Misty, is there any possibility to put the arpeggios structure, like used in the ebook, because I found difficult to play the tablature.

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Thanking you in advance, Paulo. Matt, what do you mean when you say the song is in Eb major? The main melody is in that key? I dont even know if that is possible. Hope you get my point. Im breaking the song down so it makes more sense thant just plpaying the chords without consciousness of what they are. Thanks for the post!! Hey, the main key is in Eb major. One of the best you have shared. All the best fromToronto.. I played the melody on my guitar during my first professional gig.

Thanks so much for this arrangement and backing track. I really look forward to playing it. I love all their eBooks, and after playing guitar for so many years I still benefit enormously from their lessons. After getting to the end of the Mel Bay series, you transcribed an arrangement of Misty for me. It was my introduction to jazz guitar chord melody. I memorized your arrangement and still play it from memory.

Thanks for an excellent foundation in guitar, and let me know how your doing. Best regards, Rob. Great lesson! A clarification: in the explanation of the Chord Melody Arrangement, when it puts Bar 29 it must be Bar 31, right? Wow, Wow, Wow!

Such a great style of playing and an amazing tone! It is my dream to be able to play like this someday! Thanks guys for the inspiration!! Excellent piece! The chord depth is fantastic. It moved me to look or a youtube version. A Sarah Vaughn video from Sweden filled the bill nicely. Muito interessante este estudo. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

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Misty – Chord Melody & Solo Studies

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Misty Jazz Guitar Solo

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