Guide Making More Money : Using Value Analysis

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How to make earned value work on your project

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How to make earned value work on your project

Overview Products are sold for a price the customer is willing to pay. Thus - the customer is determining the product's value. Value improvement, not cost reduction, is the best way to make more money through satisfied customers. Product Details.


Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Are Supplements really necessary or just a way of making money? We live in stressful We live in stressful and worrying times which weaken our bodies and put our health at risk. We know that we should eat healthily and take more exercise, work View Product. There are three basic reasons to support the TVM theory. First, a dollar can be invested and earn interest over time, giving it potential earning power. Also, money is subject to inflation , eating away at the spending power of the currency over time, making it worth a lesser amount in the future.

Finally, there is always the risk of not actually receiving the dollar in the future, whereas, if you hold the dollar now, there is no risk of this happening as the old bird-in-the-hand-is-better-than-two-in-the-bush saying goes. Getting an accurate estimate of this last risk isn't easy and, therefore, it's harder to use in a precise manner. Number of time periods involved months, years 2.

Annual interest rate or discount rate , depending on the calculation 3. Present value what you currently have in your pocket 4.

21. Earned Value Analysis

Payments If any exist; if not, payments equal zero. Future value The dollar amount you will receive in the future. A standard mortgage will have a zero future value because it is paid off at the end of the term. Many people use a financial calculator to quickly solve TVM questions.

By knowing how to use one, you could easily calculate a present sum of money into a future one, or vice versa.

How to make earned value work on your project

With four of the above five components in-hand, the financial calculator can easily determine the missing factor. But you can also calculate future value FV and present value PV by hand. For future value, the formula is:. Net present value calculations can also help you discover answers for financial queries like determining the payment on a mortgage , or how much interest is being charged on that short-term Christmas expenses loan.

By using a net present value calculation, you can find out how much you need to invest each month to achieve your goal. Below is a list of the most common areas in which people use net present value calculations to help them make financial decisions. The net present value calculation and its variations are quick and easy ways to measure the effects of time and interest on a given sum of money, whether it is received now or in the future.

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The calculation is perfect for short- and- long-term planning, budgeting, or reference. When plotting out your financial future, keep these formulas in mind. Tools for Fundamental Analysis. Investing Essentials. Financial Ratios.

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