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Austrian poster by Albin Grau. Hungary US Film Guild Cinema advert, Brent Reid. Tags Collectors' Guide Dracula F. Murnau Nosferatu. Category Articles. Frederik Olsen October 29, Reply. This is all extremely fascinating. There's a lot of stuff I knew about previously, but also information I didn't know. Specifically in the photo on page 6. That is not Max Schreck, the window is different from the one we see in Nosferatu, and the make-up looks like that of a circus clown down on his luck. Is it a frame grab from Waldemar Roger's footage or a promotional still, I wonder?

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The wonderful shot of Wolkoff on page 4 looks more like Schreck to me, but something still seems off about his face to me. I really hope this version of the film will become more widely available once the copyright expires. But I can't help but think there may be unused Murnau material in that print, such as alternate takes, that has either been ignored or missed by previous restorers.

Brent Reid October 29, Reply. You've picked up on an interesting point, Frederik. Unless those scenes were recreated purely for publicity photos, it's possible that extra scenes with Orlok were shot using an uncredited stand-in. I'm certain that isn't Schreck in either photo: as you say, the appearance of both the window and Orlok are very different from the film and the same goes for the coffin and Orlok.

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Sadly, I think the chances of even one unique, unused frame being contained in either extant DzS print are slim to none, but it is baffling why they haven't yet been combined and restored or at least preserved. There are countless silent films with re-release, foreign release or similar re-edited part-talkie versions. For the most part, they're only of passing interest and its understandable why they're not more widely available. But Nosferatu is too well known and important a film to leave any part of its history, especially this, unexcavated. Frederik Olsen November 01, Reply. I agree completely, Brent.

It's the one part of Nosferatu lore that's largely unknown by most fans, and it is a shame. I hadn't even seen that programme until I discovered your site. Regardless of whether it contains any Murnau material, there must be material we're still missing. Furthermore, the film is dripping with chilling atmosphere and unsettling mood throughout.

In terms of remakes, I think this is how you do one right; take the core elements of the original and remould them to fit a new artistic vision. Herzog is an auteur, and while I prefer the original as the horror elements are intensified, I really feel he made it his own with remarkable results. Verdict: Treat HairEverywhere.

Justin Harlan:. Take 1: Streaming on Fandor in its original German… I made it roughly 10 minutes in before nodding off. At least 20—30 minutes, right? More than last time at least? Far more interesting. Take 3: Still Shudder, still English… Oh fuck this! I picked up where I left, I can barely make it another 10 minutes. This is so achingly dull. Blah blah blah….

Now, keep it down, this is my favorite scene! Verdict: Trick thepaintedman. Austin Vashaw:. With all Dracula adaptations, I have to use two scales to judge them: adherence to the book my favorite novel , and taken on its own terms. Not only in the visuals such as the locations and the appearance of the Count, but in style and tone as well.

With very little dialogue, it relies mostly on visuals to carry the story, similar to a silent film. In fact, it was more linear and comprehensible than I had anticipated, based on its reputation as an art film.

For example, he discussed the difficulty of shooting the mirror scene, but I dreamed of it as a long corridor of mirrors. Verdict: Treat VforVashaw. Overwhelmed by all of the partygoers, Buffy tries to talk to Willow, who pretends to be distracted so that she doesn't have to talk to her. Buffy then tries to talk with Xander and Cordelia Chase , but finds that they're too busy kissing each other to be bothered.

Meanwhile, Joyce is telling Pat in the kitchen how much it means to her to have Buffy back, though it has been harder on her than expected.

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Overhearing only the end of Joyce's statements and misinterpreting them, Buffy goes upstairs and decides to pack her things again. At the library, Giles is horrified by what he finally uncovers about the mask. He tries to phone Buffy's house, but the partygoers who answer the phone fail to properly relay his message, or even understand it, with Dingos Ate My Baby playing at full volume "There's no 'Buddy' here! You've got the wrong house, 'Mr. Willow, having decided to try and make things up with her friend, finds Buffy in the bedroom and is visibly angry that her best friend is thinking about leaving again.

The two then get into an argument, as Willow accuses Buffy of just giving up on Sunnydale and for not being there for her during a summer when she needed her help as Willow's life developed due to dating Oz and dabbling in magic. Willow also accuses Buffy of being so worried about people being angry with her that she didn't bother to ask anyone else how they were doing.

Giles decides to drive to the party, angrily talking to himself about how dumb Joyce was to hang a cursed mask as decoration "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty? It raises the dead".

On the way, Giles accidentally hits a man standing in the road. He gets out of his car and discovers that the man is a reanimated corpse. Giles barely escapes oncoming zombies as other dead bodies rise all over Sunnydale. Joyce walks in on Buffy packing to run away again, finds out what's happening and, regardless of the fact that people are watching, decides to have it out with Buffy, furious that her daughter is willing to put her through the misery of not knowing where she is again. As party guests quickly leave the awkward situation, Xander also decides to vent at Buffy about how selfish her running away was, while Cordelia takes Buffy's side and Oz tries to keep everyone calm.

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Just as they're about to come to blows, the newly reanimated zombies crash through the windows and doors, causing the Scoobies to immediately drop their argument and band together to combat the threat. Several guests are killed. Oz and Cordelia hide in a downstairs closet, while Buffy and others rush upstairs with a gravely-injured Pat. In the bedroom, Willow checks Pat's pulse, only to find that she is dead. Giles arrives to tell Oz and Cordelia about the mask containing the powers of the zombie demon Ovu Mobani , which means "Evil Eye.

Other zombies cower down while Buffy soon realizes that the demon's gaze hypnotizes whoever is looking at it when its eyes flash like a camera flash.

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Buffy pushes the newly demonized Pat out of the window shortly before it could kill Willow. Oz tries to tell Buffy about how to kill it, when he is hypnotized. Buffy uses this opening to plunge a shovel into the Pat demon's eyes, depowering and killing it. It vanishes along with all the other zombies. With the demon's defeat, Joyce and the Scoobies are unable to bring themselves to spite Buffy any longer, and the entire group embraces.

The next day, Giles tries to convince Snyder to let Buffy return.