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The Harbinger is very reticent in relation to the details of the dissolution.

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The decease of the " Harbinger " was the end of that phase of Transcendentalism. Whether therefore it is the herald of one now present or the harbinger of one who shall come immediately, the want is evident.

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Sense of "forerunner" is midc. Intrusive -n- is 15c. As a verb, from s harbinge "to lodge" is late 15c.


The Ides of March, better known as March 15th, marks an inauspicious anniversary associated with treachery and ill fortune. But, how did a day that was once celebrated by the Romans become so heavily steeped in superstition?

Nearby words harare , harass , harassed , harassment , harbin , harbinger , harbinger-of-spring , harbona , harbor , harbor master , harbor seal. Examples from the Web for harbinger In fact the vanishing sea is a warning: a harbinger of the long feared war over water in Central Asia. This is the source of the 'advance messenger' meaning that we understand now.

Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to record this meaning of 'harbinger', in The Man of Law's Tale , circa The fame anon thurgh toun is born How Alla kyng shal comen on pilgrymage, By herbergeours that wenten hym biforn. It was some centuries until the figurative usage, when people began to speak of harbingers of things other than approaching royalty or house guests.

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The first suggestion of 'doom', or 'ruin' as the Edinburgh Advertiser had it, came in September It is rather appropriate to find that early usage coming from Scotland. John Laurie, who played the lugubrious Frazer, was the archetypal stage Scotsman and the show's line "We're all doomed, doomed I tell ye" became something of a catchphrase for him. Those pessimistic harbingers of doom who first decided that 'the end of the world is nigh' lived in the 19th century. The earliest printed example of that phrase that I have found is from James Emerson Tennent's Letters from the Aegean , Home Search Phrase Dictionary Harbinger of doom.

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