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How often have you rushed through a shower, grabbed the lotion, and then stopped because someone needed you? Probably too many times to count, no matter what the ages of your kids. For this self-care activity just pick your favorite lotion, and take the time to massage it into your skin.

Do your whole body, savoring the physical sensations. Applying lotion can also be an exercise in mindfulness.

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Though you can do this activity with any lotion, a lotion with a scent you enjoy is best, so that the effects of the activity last beyond 5 minutes. The fragrance will remain on your skin and can help create positive emotions after this self-care activity is complete. Yoga is a physical practice that is also a form of moving meditation. Consider inviting your family to join you!

In just 5 minutes, three yoga poses held for approximately 90 seconds each can leave you feeling strong, grounded, and calm. Kneel on the floor, using a mat or rug under you for comfort. After 90 seconds, slowly move to downward dog by keeping your hands flat on the floor, straightening your legs, and lifting your hips up. Hold this pose for 90 seconds, then walk your feet in to meet your hands, and slowly stand up. Finish with a standing mountain pose, feet hip-width apart with your hands resting on your chest in prayer position.

Check online for videos showing the correct body positions. Be aware of your breathing as you complete your routine; refocus on your breathing if you become distracted. This activity is most impactful with a scented candle, as the aroma can help boost your mood. Light the candle and get comfortable in your seat; lie down if you prefer. Focus on your breathing, inhaling slowly and then exhaling slowly. Most people find it comfortable to inhale through their nose and then exhale deeply through their mouth.

Do your best to focus on your breathing. Close your eyes if you like, and zone out.

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The aim is to clear your mind. This can be a challenge, especially the first few times you do it. If you find your mind wandering, add counting to your breathing to help you focus.


For example, breathe in and count to six, then breathe out and count to eight. Or continue to let the candle burn after this activity is complete; the scent can continue to boost your mood and may also act as a reminder to breathe and stay calm. A few minutes to sit still, connect with nature, and re-center can bring a more positive mood and outlook—and for some moms this time outside can be spiritual self-care too. Sit outside, breathe in the fresh air, observe whatever is around you, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Try adding this to your morning routine to start the day feeling focused and fresh. If you like, ask your kids to join you for this one. Staying hydrated is critical to your health and overall well-being. Simply fill a pitcher with water, add your favorite fruit: chopped or sliced, fresh or frozen try the flavor combos mentioned here , let the water steep overnight, then drink throughout the day.

You can also make this in the morning, but you generally want to give the fruit at least 2 hours in the water to create a good flavor. Infused water can help curb sugar cravings, provide you with additional vitamins, and assist you with detoxing. Not only is this physical selfcare, but the infused water is nice to look at, and can help to create a more positive mood throughout the day. Treat yourself to a new combination each day, or rotate through several standard recipes.

Recipes to try include: orange, lemon, and lime; strawberry and kiwi lime optional ; pineapple and coconut; strawberry, lemon, and basil; raspberry and mint; and blueberry and orange.

Calling All Mothers

Be creative and use what you have at home, or add a few ingredients to your shopping list each week specifically for your water. Fill your water bottle with the prepared fruit water at the start of the day, and aim to finish drinking it by lunch. Refill your water bottle, and plan to drink the whole bottle by dinner, refilling it from your pitcher one more time to get you through the end of the day.

How often have you made coffee or tea and then spilled, misplaced, or forgotten it? Sadly, for many moms, savoring a morning drink may be a thing of the past. Make your beverage take advantage of an automatic coffee maker if you can and sit and enjoy it out of a beautiful mug or cup.

If the family is already up, be sure to set things up so that everyone is taken care of. For example, set out things for their breakfast, let them know where the things they need can be found, and then sit and enjoy your coffee. If your kids are old enough and can respect your minute experience, invite them to join you, with their own beverages and mugs of choice, so that you start the day off together with self-care.

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Want to dance while you drive? Go for it, but do it safely. If the kids complain, tell them the minute timer starts over. Get your self-care in!

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This is an essential lesson for you and for them. As you know, music can be a great mood booster and stress reliever. When you add dance to it, you add physical self-care to the mix! This physical self-care adds up to help you meet your weekly exercise goals, and will likely feel like mental and emotional self-care too. Now, while dancing should be a fun experience, your judgment about your perceived dance skills might get in the way.

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Kick that doubt to the curb; everyone can dance. The only rules are to move your body and have fun. Dance parties can happen on your own, but are also really fun when your kids join in. Having a dance party is a great way to shift the mood in the house when things are tense or dreary, or you just need to get going for something. These at-home dance parties will also help give you and your kids the confidence to dance in front of others, which is a great life skill to have.

And while dancing for 15 minutes is great, you can dance for any amount of time and really reap the self-care benefits. Technology is all around us. Sometimes it can get a bit out of hand, like when you spend too much time on social media or are constantly plugged in. Be purposeful about how and when you use your phone, and instead of mindless scrolling or checking, use it for some mental stimulation and self-care.

There are many free apps and games that will work your brain. Love classic sudoku?

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Is mah-jongg more your style? Playing games on your phone can become a big time-suck, so set a timer for 15 minutes and move on when the timer goes off. After 10 years at Park East and selling the business, he moved on. He saw the fragmentation in the New York City tourism industry and created Beyond Times Square, making many services available to travelers. He has visited 47 of 50 states, over 40 countries and counting. Menu Skip to right header navigation Skip to content Skip to secondary navigation Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Weekends can include: Roundtrip airport transfers Hotel of your choice to meet your budget.

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