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Math so overwhelmed her that she shuddered whenever I, her math teacher, approached her.

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What could we do to help her? Our team began to intervene both academically and emotionally, trying to break down her walls and build her confidence. On graduation day, Anna did not walk the stage.

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She did not receive her diploma. The one point she needed to pass that test had effectively deemed her 13 years of education worthless. She enrolled in community college, began working for a grant writer, and wrote a proposal that got our school new computers. When the computers arrived, she returned to campus to speak to the student body about her journey and all the times she had wanted to give up. Without the CAHSEE, Anna would not have worked so hard to acquire the minimum math skills necessary for graduation, and likely would have received her diploma without mastering 55 percent of the 8th-grade math curriculum.

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However, no matter how well a test is designed, it cannot tell us everything about what someone has to offer the world. User Agreement Privacy Policy. Education Next Education Next is a journal of opinion and research about education policy.

Is the Use of Standardized Tests Improving Education in America?

One Point Short. Print PDF. Lauren Seymour.

Sponsored Results. In this first step, students become active participants in the process of learning, drawing from their own personal life experiences to share previously learned knowledge. As students begin to express what they know, they use their productive i. In early primary ESL classrooms, this can be done simply, with students drawing pictures of what they know and then using simple vocabulary to describe or explain it. As students become more experienced at explaining what they know, their productive skills grow. In a classroom discussion about 'Where are we in the universe?

How Law Students Lose the Grant Game, and How Schools Win - The New York Times

Get students to do this 'wondering stage' first in small groups, then as a whole-class activity. As teachers, we can help to elicit interesting questions from our students by being 'wonderers' ourselves. Students often work in small groups at this stage to share what they have learned through the lessons. As students discuss and write down their knowledge and experience, they use their productive skills of speaking and writing while applying the new vocabulary and grammar they have learned.

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When the discussion moves to a whole-class activity, students have the confidence to speak out about their learning experiences. This is often followed up by a project, in which students work together and use what they have learned to achieve a goal. Essentially, inquiry-based learning is a natural way to learn a second language.

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