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This is the viewpoint of many exoteric astrologers. The real truth of the matter is that Saturn is quite other than usually depicted in astrology. It seems malefic because we have not yet developed the proper response to what we call limitations. Life brings us these limitations so that we can evolve. We will have more to say about this in a later lesson. Next in order of the planets is Uranus. In the ancient times when astrology was set up, Uranus had not yet been discovered exoterically.

The wise men, the Qabalists, however, knew there were still planets to be discovered. The reason they were not yet discovered exoterically is because mass consciousness, mass humanity, had not yet evolved to the point of response on individual levels to the higher vibrations of these outer planets.

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It happens inside first, before anything happens outside. It is the Sun that has thought. The XanetT the moon and the various moons around the planets - these have nothing but reflected light. Everything that is in existence responds to everything else. Thl impact from stars and nebulae that are millions of miles away in time and space are still making an impact on us. We are a part of this miracle. We make the mistake of thinking that the planets are outside of the sun. This is one of the first things we want to lor- rect. The Sun with its planets is not one thing with several others surrounding it We live and move and have our being inside the sun's rays.

When we see what looks like the outline of the sun, we are only seeing one vibratory, flaming aspect of it The Sun is reflected by the planets, but the Sun is the real consciousness, the One Consciousness that they are reflecting. It hits these planetary bodies that are outer representations of parts of Its Being.

The aspects made between these parts reflect back in certain combinations of forces. At the moment you were bom the energies from the entire cosmos were coming in at a certain slant and meeting at a certain angle in relation to you. No two people can ever be in exactly the same spot at the same time - not even twins. Everyone who is born is a unique specialization. All the universal forces have come in at a special angle at the moment we drew our first breath.

This tells a very significant story to those who know how to read it. That which you call your intellect is expressed through your physical brain so that it responds to certain vibrations in a special way. The angle of the way the Sun hit Mercury and reflected back to earth at the moment of your birth subtly influenced the way your thinking and intellectual processes were destined to express. This is just part of the picture. But remember, all evolution is bringing us to individualization. God is giving birth to Godlets. Therefore, you can ascertain how a human being will react in terms of the conditioned reflexes of the masses only because that person has not yet become sufficiently individualized away from the mass conscious response to forces.

You and I, however, are supposed to have individualized ourselves to such an extent that we are in control of our responses. As astrology teaches, the stars impell but do not compell. They do compell to a certain extent however, until we have learned how to understand who and what we are and how to control our reactions to the impacts of astrological forces. We are going to show you how not to be automatic response mechanisms to astrological forces. As advanced students you are well on the road. If you stick with these techniques, it is inevitable that even in this incarnation you can free yourselves from slavery to automatic responses and habitual patterns of action.

As you have learned from the Color and Sound course, the signs of the zodiac rule specific parts of the body. Every part of our body has what you might call a radio receptive station and responds to the energies of the related zodiacal force. Therefore, we have several aspects to consider in order to understand ourselves. Every one of us has a head and a face.

The Aries vibration, for instance, rules the head and face. In Tarot, the Emperor, assigned to Aries, is said to symbolize the reasoning faculty. In terms of physical function, the Emperor symbolizes sight or vision.

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We all need to develop our reasoning faculty, and we are all concerned with developing our inner vision. Therefore, we are all concerned with the Emperor and the Aries vibration that he symbolizes. We are not, I repeat, talking about somebody else who happens to be born in some particular sign in our zodiacal discussions. We are talking about you. You have a head and a face, the Aries area. You have a throat and neck, the Taurus area. You have shoulders and lungs, the Gemini area. You have all the qualities and responses and psychological tendencies of all the signs.

What we are going to learn to do is to relate ourselves to every one of the signs. Then we will be able to function as needed in the positive aspects of any one of the zodiacal types. Every one of the problems in your personal life is related to the fact that you have not rounded yourselves out. You have not cultivated the ability to enter into any one of these different parts of your beingness at will. There are certain highlights which give you certain extra gifts. This is fine. We will see what each sign's special gifts are. Even this, however, is very much conditioned by the placings of the other planets in the natal horoscope.

We are a complex being, make no mistake. Believe me, this subject is a difficult one, but a regarding one. These lessons will help you to start accepting everybody the way they are instead of the way you want them to be. You will develop your ability to tune into, understand and accept other people as you learn how to become every sign of the zodiac, at will. You will also learn what and who to run away from.

There are some people who it is best for you to stay away from. Those who are strongly centered in the lower elements of their own beingness, those who are not open to the impact of the vibrations of love and acceptance, are better left to their own growing. There are certain elements that we cannot influence. Do not cast your pearls before swine. It isn't that we are exactly calling them swine, as though we were looking down on them. Remember we all have all the elements of all the signs. The sign where the Sun was positioned at the time of your birth colors your basic individuality.

This is a very important thing that you will need to understand. Likewise, the time of day or night you were born determines the rising sign or ascendant which is related to your personality. We are not going to tell you to throw away this mask. We are going to help you understand that the mask is the way the Divine Life expresses the drama of Its Beingness. We are going to help you to find joy in playing your part in this drama consciously - putting on this mask or removing it at will. You are going to see why it is that the bible says: "And God created Man in His own image and likeness For this course you will find it helpful to have your personal astrological chart drawn up.

We cannot draw up charts for you. It should not be difficult to find a competent astrologer to do this for you. Any astrological chart will show you that the placing of the sun is not the whole picture. There are more aspects to take into consideration than this.

Suppose, however, that the moon is in Capricorn in this hypothetical chart. The moon element, or subconscious tendencies, can be more powerful than the sun element. Most of us have been, up to now, what our mothers and fathers, teachers books, etc. Few of us have had the freedom from mass conscious habit patterns to express out from the core of our being. Few of us have been able to truly be our individuality. In this course we will start knowing and being what we were meant to know and be.

The astronomical phenomena of which it makes use are not considered from the point of view adont d h modern astronomy. The calculations upon which the making of a horoscoL depends, are, in these days, so simple that the average eighth-grade child can be taught to erect an accurate birth-map in a few lessons.

Like every other art, astrology does make more or less use of scientific data; but Y practical astrology, which if names mean anything is concerned with reading horoscopes, is distinctly an art, because it involves precisely the meHtal— functions which are called into play by any other art. These are the mental powers which this course is intended to awaken.

Its object is to enable you to read a chart, whether you can make one or not. When you can read, then, if you want to learn how to make a horoscope, you will not be forced to hunt through books for its interpretation. The signs of the zodiac are the primary elements to be considered in any chart. In order to avail yourself of the subconscious powers which will make it easy for you to read a chart, you should first of all learn thoroughly the meanings of the twelve signs.

Learn also to make their astrological symbols, so that you can name them at a glance. All twelve are given briefly in this lesson. Detailed interpretations of each sign will be given later in the course. Aries actually was the beginning of a cycle of manifestation. Its qualities are: leadership, pioneering, impulse, will, control, reason, heading, constituting. Aries says: "Let me get ahead and stay ahead", "I do", "I will". People born under this sign are very energetic, enterprising, high-spirited, progressive, alert, bold, self- confident, strong in leadership.

When there are afflictions the native tends to be rash, daring, take any kind of chance, combative, self-willed, takes no thought of consequences, destructive. It governs the head generally, the forebrain, the center of reason, upper jaw, palate, optic nerve, sight, true inner vision. Arians must learn to use their reason, their sight; this will enable them to see clearly into the true nature of things, and thus will they release power and avoid many of the difficulties and 'hot water' the Aries so often finds himself in.

Tarot Key No. It vivifies, enlivens, centralizes, superiorizes; is basic, fundamental. This sign gives dignity, proper pride, regalness; is stately, cheerful, sunny, generous, faithful, high-principled, honorable, frank, idealistic, royal. When afflicted, Leos snobbish. This Tiru verifies. The keynote of tension di S ta;. When afflicted these natives are: very impulsive, very argumentative they know it all , too Th?

This sign governs the thighs and the tailbone. Acquisitive, ingestive, retentive, conserving, creative. These people are firm, practical, material, commerical, slow, plodding, patient, enduring, quiet, determined, love peace and beauty. They are good, steady workers, provided they have security. The Taurus needs security to be contented. Natives of this sign have a great soothing and healing power, thus they do well with nervous, high-strung people as they are able to calm them. When afflicted Taurus tends to be lazy, greedy, sensuous, dogmatic, stubborn, very determined, very explosive when aroused.

They fear pain and get angry when hurt. This sign governs the cerebellum back- brain , larynx, lower jaw and mouth generally, the ears and thyroids. When he learns to use this wonderful faculty, which is known as intuition, he will have access to all he needs to know concerning his problems and will thus discover the peace which he so longs for.

These natives make excellent scientists, chemists; great mechanical ability often found in this field, like working with food and clothing. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Great reformers, very critical. This sign governs the liver, small intestines, pancreas, solar plexus. Like the mountain coat its symbol these people go way up or down. There is nothing half wafabout this sign. It is domination, rulership, control. It limits, retards, represses- has authority, supremacy. They have a tremendous desire to be at the top.

If they fall instead of rise, they drink to excess and become 'bums'. Theirs is the will to fail rather than to succeed. This sign governs the skin, knees, teeth and bones generally. It links, connects, relates, transmits, translates, discriminates. Power to perceive differences, correspondences.

These people are good reasoners, logical, adaptable, learn easily, interested in acquiring knowledge. Mentally quick and active, versatile. These natives are very mental, consequently they do not have stability or stick-to-itiveness. They are very clever with their hands, are ambidextrous. This is considered to be a cold sign because it is detached from feeling. It is well not to overload these people with too much burden, as they can't take it and have a tendency to bolt when the going is difficult.

They dislike making decisions, but are willing to follow the advice of those who will make up their minds for them. They are nervous and high strung and need a calmer sign as a partner. They tend to procrastinate and put things off. Gemini governs the nerves, hands and arms, lungs, bronchi, trachea, neck, esophagus.

Fallopian tubes. These natives have a sense of perfect balance, a great love of beauty. They are poised, courteous, affable, artistic, love music and dancing. A wonderful sense of rhythm, mild of manner, sensitive. Often very spiritual. Their heads are always in the clouds, and they are dreamers. They prefer to ignore the ugly; they live in a world of their own out of the rosy cloud in which they envelope themselves. Libra is a capable sign, but they dislike work that might soil their hands.

They make good book- keepers and appraisers, have ability to weigh things up, balance the books. Revengeful; too exacting. This sign governs the kidneys, adrenals, lower back generally. Where libra is concerned with two or partnerships, Aquarius is an association or group. It is cooperative, interchanging, coordinating, designing, re-arranging, vibratory, abstract mental. These natives are inventive, cooperative, friendly, interested in the occult, the unknown. Governs electricity, radio, sound waves, and light waves such as X-rays, etc. This is the sign associated with meditation, which is the process of search into the unknown.

Aquarians need to regulate their lives and thus make full use of their forces. This sign governs the oxidative processes, retina, lower legs calves. Associate it with a fence, field, enclosure. The home, especially the father. Prudent, cautious, retentive, conservative, good memory.

When afflicted, they are: dominating, over-tenacious, reversive, contrary, moody, over- solicitous, grabby, sentimental, over-romantic. Perpetual naggers. They should learn to weigh and judge the relative importance of things. This sign governs the protective parts of the body: stomach, pleura, ovaries, testicles, breasts, chest generally, pregnant womb. Cancer is the Vehicle, the movable fence, the field of expression for the One Self. Urge its energy rectU m urethra, nose. When afflicted they are: aimless, drifting, not definite, utter selflessness, furtive, no backbone, peculiar.

It is important that you fix these classifications in your mind. The cusp of the 1st house coincides with the Eastern horizon; that of the 4th house corresponds to the Nadir, and to midnight; that of the 7th to the Western horizon; that of the 10th house to the Zenith. No matter what signs are placed upon the cusps of the houses, or what planets are in those signs, each house corresponds fundamentally to the sign of the zodiac which has the same number in the order of the signs as the number of the house in question.

Thus the 1st house always has something of the quality of Aries, the 2nd something of the quality of Taurus, the 3rd something of the quality of Gemini, and so on. Thus any sign in the 1st house will be modified by the typical qualities you have learned to associate with Aries, such as impul siveness, the desire to be at the head of things, and so on.

Each house also governs the same part of the body that is ruled by the sign to whose number it corresponds. Using the same example, if Gemini were in the first house, and the Sun were afflicted in Gemini, there would be the usual Gemini weaknesses in the region ruled by that sign, but there would also be, because the 1st house rules the head, and the eyes in particular, an indication of a tendency to nervous headaches and to weakness of the eyes. The cusp of the first house is called the Ascendant, and the sign on this cusp, any sign intercepted in this house, and any planet in this house are regarded in astrology as being particularly important, especially with relation to the outer appearance and personality.

Rules the head. Rules the neck, throat and ears. All these meanings relate more or less evidently to the fundamental meanings of the sign Gemini and its ruler. Rules the shoulders, arms, hands and lungs. The mother in a man's chart, the father in a woman's. See the 7th Tarot Key, where houses and protection are prominent in the symbolism.

Rules chest, breast and stomach. Pleasure, adventure, love-affairs, children. Also speculation. Rules the heart and dorsal region of spine. Small animals and pets. All matters of health or sickness, and such work as is connected with medicine and nursing. Rules the intestines. Legal matters. Open enemies. Rules the kidneys and in general the same area of the body as Libra. Wills and legacies. Has to do with warfare, surgery, and also with all practical occult forces and their use, through its affinity with the sign Scorpio. Rules the same parts of the body as Scorpio.

Affairs in distant countries. Religion, churches, philosophy, higher education. Publications especially books. Dreams and mystical experiences. Rules the same parts of the body as the sign Sagittarius. Worldly standing and ambitions. Father in a man's horoscope. Mother in a woman's. Rules the knees. Wishes and aspirations. Private and secret matters. Psychical experiences. The particular house of the subconsciousness and its occuWsm Rules the feet. In some senses one of the most important houses to the rightly instructed student of astrology. Consider the influence of all twelve signs in the 1st house.

Then do the same with the 2nd house, and so on through the 12th house. Signs denote qualities. Houses are destiny. The zodiacal circle surrounding the earth is an imaginary circle, divided into twelve parts. These twelve divisions are called Signs of the Zodiac.

The planets, as they travel around the zodiac, exert influences according to their own specific nature or vibratory tone. There is a corresponding vibration existing between certain signs and planets. Planets that have the strongest affinities with signs are either the rulers or are exalted therein. The houses are also divided into twelve.

These twelve houses are the de partments of life and show the destiny of the individual. This shows, so far as the Sun's position in the sign is concerned, what are the innermost tendencies of the person's life. Thus it is from the Sun's position that the heart's desire may be judged. The Sun's position by house which can only be known if the birth hour is given indicates the field of the individual activities. Thus the Sun in Aries gives one the fundamental Aries temperament, whatever be the house in which the Sun is placed by the birth-hour.

But if the hour was such that the Sun is placed in, say, the 6th house of the chart, the forms of the individual expression will be different from what they would be if the Sun were in the 1st house. Judge, then, the nature and temperament and innermost qualities by the Sun's position in the signs, and judge the field of activity in which these qualities will be expressed by the Sun's position in the houses.

But this applies only to the influence of the planet in external affairs. Its effect on the inner life should be judged by the sign position and aspects these to be considered later. I doubt this, for the ascendant or rising sign seems to be more truly the indicator of the personal elements of a life. The Moon is more correctly judged if it be thought of as the significator of the subconscious inheritance from past lives.

Where the Moon is placed by sign and house shows what lessons the incarnating Ego has brought to this life with him, an what use he will make of those lessons.

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When the Sun and Moon are place in signs and houses which are harmonious by nature, the subconscious and individual elements of the life will be harmonious. When they are place in signs and houses inharmonious to each other, you may look for some con c between the subconsciousness and the inner life of the individual.

Key No. There you see The High Priestess as the keeper of the records of the past, as the mistress of memory, as the recorder of stored-up experience. In astrology, the Sun is said to be the ruler of the fifth sign, Leo. Thus whenever it is in that sign, it is regarded as being strong, or dignified. If it be placed in the opposite sign, Aquarius, it is thought to be in its detri- ment, and the solar vigor and vitality are somewhat obscured by this position.

If the Sun be placed in the sign opposite to Aries, Libra, it is said to be in its fall and this is the weakest sign-position for the Sun. Practice judging the planets by house-position 8 l JU? Thus you can judge a planet's house-position by combining its Tarot Key with that of the sign corresponding to the house. Only the judgment will relate more particularly to external affairs than to temperament.

Thus Venus is said to be the ruler of the arts, all of which depend upon imagination. She also rules financial matters and love affairs. Financial matters, because imagination is necessary to success in any business. Love affairs because they are fundamentally emotional. In Tarot, Venus is represented by Key No. Venus rules Taurus, the second sign, and Libra, the seventh. She is exalted in Pisces, the twelfth sign. In Taurus she governs the emotional nature principally. In Libra her influence upon imagination makes itself most evident.

In the sign opposite to Taurus, Venus is weak, and she is also weak in the sign Aries, opposite to Libra. Her weakest position by sign is in Virgo, the sign opposite to Pisces. Pisces is her strongest position, and in this sign she is to be regarded as significator of those mysterious powers of the subconscious mind which have to do primarily with building the body and controlling its functions through creative imagination blended with a strong emotional urge. The 2nd and 7th houses are strong for Venus.

The 12th house is her strongest house-position. The 1st and 8th houses are weak posittons for Uns planet. Her weakest house position is in the 6th house. Venus is friendly the Moon, but she is ordinarily inimical to Mars, although there is an occu correspondence between Venus and Mars which will be dealt with later. MARS is the planet primarily of physical action. Its Tarot Key is No. Mars is impulsive, hot, dry and electric, like the Sun, but more densely so. Its work is disintegrative, transforming, motive. For it is in the Mars center near the Scorpio area that the grea force used in occult practice resides.

In Capricorn this force has its stron gest expression, as the power which breaks down opposition and enables us to transform problems into opportunities. Mars is weak in Libra and weak in Taurus. It is also weak in Cancer. Similarly it is weak in the 7th and 2nd houses, and weakest in the 4th. It represents in a large way the influence of the universe upon the personal life. Its general quality is expansive and fortunate.

The Jupiter center in the human body is the solar plexus, the abdominal brain which is the storehouse of the cosmic memories or Akashic records. Jupiter is strong in Sagittarius and Pisces, and strongest in Cancer. It is weak in Gemini and Virgo, and weakest in Capricorn. It is weak in the 3rd and 6th houses, and weakest in the 10th.

It is that most closely associated with the outward forms of things, and with the structure that gives solidity to form. The ancients regarded it as unfortunate, but esoteric astrology knows that it is so only when misunderstood. Saturn governs the signs Capricorn and Aquarius and is strong in both. It is weak in Cancer and Leo, and weakest in Aries.

Similarly it is strong in the 10th and 11th houses, and strongest in the 7th. It is weak in the 4th and 5th houses, and weakest in the 1st. Its influence is similar t0? It has to do with the mental approach to i en things, and is the significator of all things sudden and unexpected. Uranus rules, and is strong in, Aquarius. It is exalted in Scorpio, where its power is strongest. It is weak in Leo, and weakest in Taurus.

Similarly it is strong in the 11th and strongest in the 8th house. It is weak in the 5th, and weakest in the 2nd house. It is the octave of Venus. Ebooks and Manuals

It represents the subconscious development of the knowledge of higher laws. It is emotional like Venus, and affects many of the same things that are affected by Venus. Neptune rules Pisces, where it is strong. It is exalted in Leo, where its influence is most potent.

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Neptune is weak in Virgo, weakest in Aquarius In the houses, Neptune is strong in the 12th, and strongest in the 5th. It is weak in the 6th, and weakest in the 11th. A more detailed explanation of the planetary influences will follow m later lessons. Signs move clockwise at the rate of one degree every 4 minutes, or about 2 hours per sign. Example:- The sun rises in Aries at about A, M.

The sun is then in the 1st house. By noon Aries is in the midheaven and the sun will be in the 10th house; at P. The most important step in erection of a chart is to establish the correct Ascendant. Never work from sun charts. Rising sign or Ascen- an is the degree of a sign as it rises over the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. Houses r:r ain stationary. These are also the numbers of the houses in any horoscope, no matter what signs are present in those houses. In the circle just outside this are the symbols of the planets ruling the corresponding sign.

Neither Gemini nor Sagittarius is the place of exaltation for any planet or luminary. In the fourth circle from the center are the names and symbols of the twelve signs, plus the colors corresponding, the notes of the musical scale, and in Roman numerals the numbers of the corresponding Tarot Keys. In the fifth circle out from the center are given three key words which describe the fundamental characteristics of each sign.

These apply most strongly to the individuality, when the Sun is placed in a sign. But they also apply to the effect of the sign on whatever luminary or planet is in that sign. If Venus were placed in this sign, the person would e emo tionally enterprising and impulsive. And similarly with the other p anets. These 36 sections are what are known as tne 36 decanates, and in the sixth circle are shown the luminaries an p ruling these decanates.

In any sign the first decanate is ruled by the ruler of the sign itself; the second decanate is ruled by the ruler of the sign of the same triplicity next following in the natural order; and the third decanate is ruled by the ruler of the second following sign of the same triplicity. Thus the first decanate of Aries is ruled by Mars, which also rules Aries; the second decanate is ruled by the Sun, which rules Leo, the next fiery sign after Aries; and the third decanate is ruled by Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, the second fiery sign after Aries in the natural order.

In order, then, to determine what are the rulers of the decanates of any sign, simply count around the zodiac to the next sign of the same triplicity and take its ruler as the ruler of the second decanate the sign you are considering. Then count around to the next sign of that triplicity and take its ruler for that of the third decanate of the sign you are considering. These decanate rulerships are important, and they modify that part of the sign that they govern. These particularly refer to the influence of Mars over the whole sign.

In the third decanate the influence of Mars is combined with that of Jupiter, and the key words are: generous, religious, idealistic. Any luminary or planet in a decanate is modified in its influence by the special quality of that decanate, and this blending of influences is one of the main points in fine analysis of a horoscope. Thus the Moon is strong in the first decanate of Cancer, in the third decanate of Scorpio, and in the second decanate of Pisces. The outermost circle of this diagram contains the dates when the Sun is in the corresponding decanates.

These dates, however, are only average, and in any particular instance should be checked by reference to the ephemeris for that year. Thus the Sun is in its fall in Libra, and will be correspondingly weak in the Libra decanate of any airy sign. Remember that intuition does not take the place of knowledge. Before you can read a chart intuitively, you must fix deeply in mind the fundamental nature of the planets, signs, houses and decanates, so as to be able to avail yourself of the working of intuition. Intuition is largely very rapid assembling of the various points of knowledge.

That was so long ago that you have forgotten the process, but if you will watch a child who is just learning to tell time, you will see the process at work. It is sinular vnth this astrological work. Nobody can progress rapidly in it at first. There must be continual drill. When one is patient and persevering studies, the result is real ability to judge a horoscope, without any reference to books whatever. Los Angeles, Ca. We are not even just participants in a specific life-wave. We are also one with the World Soul.

Along with that, we are part of a Solar System which is really our larger body. From this point we can see ourselves as aspects of a galaxy, and so on into the infinity of the Universal Order. A Cosmic plan exists that has to do with Esoteric Astrology — the astrology that is related to Tarot and Qabalah. These energies are being concentrated and directed toward our earth to effect its evolution.

This plan has to do with the New Aquarian Age long predicted as the herald of the true brotherhood of man on this earth. This Aquarian Age cycle has already begun and has definitely brought with it a new energy. There is a focus of cosmic rays connected with this cycle which make us more open to the kind of consciousness that exists in life waves that are more highly evolved than the planetary earth life waves. In this era is an intensification of the ability for this to occur in larger groups.

It is part of the New Age plan. We of B. There are many on this planet who are working on other phases of the plan. This is considered by the Inner School to be the most advanced method available. It requires people who have above average mental and emotional capacities. Our work is not for everyone, but only for those who have reached a point where they are ready and willing to work diligently toward a better understanding of their own nature and that of others — ready to become the complete zodiac instead of just one sign.

Training school centers are aimed at helping us not only to overcome personal Karma, but more specifically to become such strong centers within our own being that we can help transmute the World Soul through our actions and knowledge. That is why this is such an important time.

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All these extra forces give a great opportunity for forward movement. Every age is approximately 2, years long.

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We have just left the Piscean Age. This means that the Sun had been whirling in its cycle through a part of the heavens called Pisces. Right now it has moved from the Piscean to the Aquarian division. A whole new cycle is starting with a different part of the heavens involved. The whole Solar system has just entered into a stream of energy, that is affecting our earth in a particular way. This new energy is making it possible for all kinds of consciousness, wherever it is in the galaxy, to progress toward much higher levels of consciousness than we can even image at the present stage of our awareness.

Those who are not yet able to comprehend and assimilate these energies will be the dropouts. They will be sent to the next planetary "hospital" to evolve at a slower rate and await another opportunity. That is why there has been such a population explosion at this time. It has just been in the last few hundred years that we have been able to start working intensely toward this new era.

Now each year and each day bring us that much more ability and opportunity for advancement. It is up to those like you and me, who aspire to higher levels of awareness, to take the responsibility — to see that we get enough of this new energy going so that fewer of our human brothers will be left behind. In other words, it is up to us to give whatever is necessary to the mass mind so it will be easier for those who are below us on the Path to achieve and evolve and attain enough awareness of Reality to evolve with the New Age.

The few of us who have attained enough individuality so that the mass mind does not push us around with hatreds and delusions of separateness must unify our efforts to bring in the energies that will help others overcome the negative deluded aspects of our planetary consciousness. We have been preparing for this particular era for a long time.

We must work toward making our bodies more and more aware and sensitive to the vibrational forces which are coming in from other parts of the universe. We work to gain control of the planetary forces that are above us in the heavens as well as within us, thereby balancing these forces and improving our relationships with others. In doing this we not only change our Solar system, we actually begin changing the universe. It takes personalized centers, such as we are, to get to work on transmuting the World Soul.

All individuals have different correlations of energies. We can work to help others see the Light as long as we remember that we are not out to change them to conform with what we think they ought to be. It doesn't necessarily mean that there is anything particularly wrong with the other individual. We must develop an ability to discriminate between those who are ready in this incarnation for higher knowledge and those who are not.

We cannot force anyone to partake of knowledge no matter how much it means to us. There is no more futile effort. When people are ready for the Path, they will find us. We can help transmute the World Soul by transmuting ourselves first and being an example to those who are ready. All humanity shares seven centers of force in the body, but these are dispersed in different strengths, relationships and levels of expression. Each of our charts at birth indicate the relationships of the different functions of our nature one to the other. The day, the hour and the year show the coming together of specific energies in specific ways.

Some of these energies are somewhat opposed to each other; others balance and enhance each other. The angles of relationships, or the aspects of the planets one to another, as shown in our birth charts, influence our mental, emotional and physical responses to life. Our birth charts will show us that we have certain energies that are not too happy together. We will also find indicated in our birth charts certain happy relationships between angles of force.

These angles of one planet to the other in relationship to the earth are referred to as aspects. Other important aspects to be taken into consideration are the conjunctions and parallels. They are of equal strength. Parallels are in the same degrees north and south of the equator.

They are considered both benevolent and adverse, depending on the planets that are making the conjunction. For instance, a conjunction of the Moon with Venus is considered benevolent and indicates a charming, happy-go-lucky personality, usually smiled on by fortune. These aspects are a most important part in reading an astrological chart. Exoteric astrology often misses the point in over-maligning the square or difficult aspects.

Actually, these are what give us the conflicts that drive us to awakening. This is what I mean when I say that we are going to learn to become rulers of our Solar System. The important thing is to have energy- angles. It does not matter what they are. Once we become aware of our energy angles, we can direct them for our own growth. Your consciousness can take any and all angles of force and make them what it will. Your control of these forces will become more and more potent as you learn how to will in harmony with the Divine Plan.

As long as we continue to work against the Divine Plan, we continue to get our repercussions. We are all in training, so to speak, earning to use these energies in such a way that they are more and more in harmony with the Universal Order. You advanced B. You can take every one of the whirling planetary centers of force that are within you and put them in whatever relationship you want for whatever situation you are faced with. In other words, you can re-ahgn them within your nature and thereby re-align your relationship to the whole universe. We will relate these energies to our own personal solar system so as to see how we influence each other and are all related within the larger solar system.

This will include a step by step method for becoming masters of our interior stars, which in turn will give us the ability to master the forces of nature which surround us. Each of us is a point of expression for consciousness. This relatedness extends out into our solar system, into our galaxy, and on and on out into the infinite heavens. The first planet which will concern us is Saturn, connected in occultism with the awakening of the Kundalini.

Sa-turn, in our interior solar system, is correlated with the center at the base of the spine. Kundalini is the Eastern name for the energy that is said to be concentrated in this base of the spine center. Please bear in mind that Saturn, in exoteric astrology, is thought of as that which indicates or reveals Karma in an astrology chart. In a sense this is quite true. Saturn is the name for the energy focused in you and your finer vehicles, which holds the patterns of your potentialities in your body like a wound up spiral.

The energy that is focused in that particular area of your finer vehicles holds a record of everything you have ever been. It is very similar to the idea of that first infinitesimal fertilized egg, smaller than the dot over an i, that started off your physical body. It held within itself the pattern for all your subsequent physical growth. Now, a newly born infant is not a completed human being at all. It is still an embryo because it does not remotely have the same form or the same abilities to think, feel, do, etc.

This is just part of the growth process which takes place in one area. The rest of the growth process takes place in another area of, shall we say, the universal womb. The mother's womb is an aspect of the universal womb. We are born out of the mother's womb, but it is just another condition of the same basic process. In like manner, there is no doubt at all that wound up in the Kundalini is an energy pattern of our past accomplishments and failures which are to be 'matured' during a given incarnation. You have heard about the genes and the memory of the genes.

That gene memory is very much correlated with this energy that is called the wound-up serpent, or the 'Serpent of Wisdom', He was the one who tempted Eve in the Old Testament. These words have meaning other than we have heretofore understood or realized. What we have to see at this point is that Tarot Key No. You as a species and you as a person are inter-related and co-related. Notice how the figure in Tarot Key No.

These spirals are emanating potent energies. They move in opposite directions. This is very symbolic of one of the latest findings in physics: the whirling motion of the electron around the nucleous in an atom has an opposite whirling motion. They call this motion the mirror image and speak of matter and anti-matter. Whenever one motion exists science has come to recognize that there must be the other.

That is why Saturn is said to be the planet that symbolizes the principle of manifestation. In fact the Divine name, Elohim, attributed to Binah, the sphere of Saturn, is given to the principle that manifests, that brings together, that limits. This is where the idea of the dark Terrible Mother originates. We wouldn't have the ability to see, to know to experience details in relationships. This Saturn center is the aspect that we begin with. The energy must be unwhirled in a conscious manner - in a trained manner.

As we unwhirl that energy consciously, it energizes the whole spinal cord. On either side of the spine are the solar and lunar currents of the Great Magical Agent. They are definitely electrical in operation. In the Chinese philosophy they are called the Yin and Yang. In Hindu philosophy they are called Ida and Pin- gali. Unless we utilize both, we have no power. The energy at the base of the spine is really a vortex of force, something like an ice cream cone.

The narrowest part of it melts away into the immaterial level of consciousness and the wider part is the part that expresses in physical manifestation. If you will think of that force as starting from the narrowest part and then whirling outward in a spiral, it will give you a better idea of what we mean by your centers. Don't mix them up with your physical body, although they have a physical level of contact. You know that it is merely a receiving station condensing the energy of the radio waves so that you can experience it within a limited range.

In the same way, think of these whirling centers of force as coming from a level of your being that is not physical, even though it has its physical area of expression. It is the condensation and the expression into the physical that gives us the ability to know and experience and grow, thereby becoming something more than we were.

The Saturn energy in you is not a malefic energy. It isn't the energy that gives you bad karma. In fact, karma is not necessarily bad. Indeed, all karma is really good. It is all a development, within the sphere of action from one level of understanding and growth to ever higher levels. Looking at it from the higher evolutionary point of view, there is no such thing as bad karma. There is only the continuous inter-reaction of experiences that forces our consciousness to know and understand what it is working with, so it can become an ever more proficient sculptor, artist, actor, musician.

Your sour notes are merely the way that you learn to be a little more careful in hitting the right keys at the right time. In the relative sense, we do have what we call difficult karma, and we do have people who can be called nothing but deliberately evil. They will eventually overcome their selfish, unwholesome, cruel acts, because the repercussions from anti- 3 ocial actions finally teach them the delusion behind selfishness or separateness of any kind.

They are going to suffer — they can't help it. It is all in the training process. Error in action is what brings the disciplines and the pains. In reality she is the disciplining, loving, nurturing mother image that is growing the soul to become something ever more glorious. That is why there is a female figure in Tarot Key No. All of your Karma is tied up in the energy patterns that we call Saturn, but it has to do with how that relates to the rest of the centers. Overcoming karma does not mean you are going to overcome cause and effect. We have more experiences faster and learn to pay our karmic debts in 'higher coin', so to speak.

Even the Masters of Wisdom are subject to the law of cause and effect, which means the reactions from action, whether it be in thought, emotion or deed. We are going to start releasing ourselves from being habit-response mechanisms to some of our older patterns. Most of us have fallen into the same patterns over and over again.

For example, people tend to pick the same kind of person to become involved with, even though they think the person is different. Then they are surprised when they find themselves faced with the same kind of problems. We also tend to enter into the same kind of situations over and over again, even though it seems that we have changed. Then, of course, we are faced with the same repercussions and life seems to be a merry-go-round to nowhere.

Problems to solve are a part of evolution. Examine Tarot Key No. This is showing you at the causative aspect of life is not physical. Causation stems from consciousness, universal and individual. The four fixed signs of the zo ac symbolize the impingement of universal forces that bring about the manifestation of our basic past karmic levels. Remember you can't? This change It least the oroM? We are holding up the cup of life for new levels of consciousness and experience. Uranus as aspects of the Kundalini energy.

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